20 Tips for Proactive Safety Measures on the Construction Site

Knowing when and how to protect your craftsmen will go a long way to adhering to construction site safety. While OSHA and other governing organizations gives you safety standards to live by, there are proactive safety measures you can take to go the extra mile.

Here are 20 proactive construction safety tips you can incorporate to your job site:

1. Train every employee on safety procedures
2. Make safety committees
3. Appoint safety managers
4. Plan safety into the project from the beginning
5. Prequalify subcontractors
6. Put extra emphasis on fall management
7. Review the “near misses”
8. Create a fire plan and ensure all employees understand the procedure
9. Create safety plans for each phase of project
10. Put safety into everyday conversations
11. Set internal safety standards
12. Work together to achieve a safety goal
13. Conduct regular safety audits
14. Read equipment safety manuals
15. Have signage that reminds crew to wear proper safety gear
16. Have protocols in place for spills
17. Run safety drills
18. Open communication: make sure employees know when a problem arises
19. Provide the necessary equipment for the job (i.e. proper-sized ladders)
20. Lead by example

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