3D Laser Scanning – The Future of Construction

Construction is a hands-on industry. Faster than ever before, emerging technology is changing the way we do business. One such technology is quickly becoming the future of construction – 3D laser scanning.

From small, family-owned construction companies to mega construction corporations, more contractors are turning to 3D laser scanning for their projects. It works by digitally capturing the dimensions and spatial relationship of objects using a line of laser light. The scanner then outputs a point cloud image, which accurately replicates the scanned objects.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning for the Construction Industry

3D laser scanning benefits for the construction industry far outweigh the added cost. One of its biggest perks is its versatility throughout a project.

Renovators and other builders are able to utilize 3D laser scanning to create personalized verifications and blueprints in a safer and faster method. Additional uses for builders include:

• BIM modeling
• Overhead clearance
• Telecommunications
• 3D laser grid mapping
• And much more
A 3D scan creates and preserves an image of a home or office building in its pre-project condition. This is helpful for both contractors and clients. The scan includes any pre-existing damage, so there will never be a question if damage occurred during the project.

It also gives the contractor a built-as specifications, which is perfect for buildings or structures that lack their original blueprints.

Any Construction Company Can Use 3D Laser Scanning

Although acquiring a 3D laser scanner is costly, small businesses shouldn’t rule out using this technology. Instead of buying the equipment, businesses can outsource the job. There are 3D scanner specialists, like TruePoint Scanning, that assist small and large construction companies who aren’t quite ready to invest in the training and expenses associated with owning their own equipment.

It’s Still an Early Technology

3D laser scanning has made great strides, but it’s still a relatively new technology. And as with any new technology, there may be some “growing pains.”

To avoid potential pitfalls, pay attention to cost efficiency. While 3D laser scanning may be your best option in some cases, there will still be jobs where more traditional methods are more cost effective. Also be sure to consider integration challenges. Some design solutions have embraced point cloud integration, but others have not. Before using laser scanning, check your design solutions for compatibility with point cloud.

3D laser scanning can offer you some great benefits, but as you test it out, use your best judgement. However, the sooner you get familiar with it, the better – it’s quickly changing the way construction companies operate, and offers plenty of advantages to the industry.

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