Alternative Energy Workers Case Study

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Alternative Energy WorkersIn this modern era, where gas and other sources of energy may one day become scarce and costly, the demand for alternative energy sources that are both easy to obtain and inexhaustible is becoming greater than ever. This is true in all fields of work, but it applies specifically to new construction. In this case study, you will learn how to solve staffing problems and improve your bottom line using temporary alternative energy workers.

Construction contractors and alternative energy companies are turning to CLC to solve a variety of staffing and human resources management problems. We have been working in construction staffing for over twenty years.  We are very knowledgeable when it comes to providing the much-needed skilled labor for handling all elements required in the alternative energy industry – which includes construction, maintenance and operation of wind power plants, solar farms, geothermal energy plants and many others. Just how effective CLC can be is well demonstrated by a recent project in which we helped with a windmill project in Western Texas.

The Client

The client in the case was a national electrical contracting business that had been seeking to prepare a bid proposal for a large-scale windmill farm construction project. This business was no stranger to CLC, having had previous experience working with us on other past projects, so naturally when faced with a challenge of this magnitude, it was Construction Labor Contractors they turned to for temporary staffing.

The Problem

The first problem that needed to be tackled was the labor staffing and construction staffing elements of the bid. We analyzed the situation and the needs of the project to determine the best way to reduce staffing costs, making their chances for winning the bid more accessible.

The Solution

Utilizing temporary alternative energy workers and other staffing resources from CLC, the client supplemented their team of skilled tradesmen, electricians and builders, thus making it possible for the job to get done within the allotted time at a lesser cost.

The Results

As a result of utilizing our construction staffing services, the client was able to win the bid due to their lower cost and guarantee to finish the job within the allotted time. The client’s foreman, grateful for our services, described Construction Labor Contractors as “a true partner who understands our business and what it takes to be successful.”

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