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The demands for alternative energy construction staffing are increasing every day.  With concerns of climate change, fossil fuel shortages and increasing demand for electricity, we are in the middle of an alternative energy construction boom.

Alternative Energy Advantages

Americans are faced with the growing need for replacing non-renewable energy with energy from renewable sources.  Renewable energy is generated from sources that will never run out. CLC’s skilled labor solutions provides skilled energy workers who are qualified and experienced in all five major alternative energy sources:

  1. Solar Power: Solar energy is becoming more popular and uses the sun’s energy and light to provide heat, light, hot water, electricity, and can even be used in cooling, in residential and commercial construction. CLC’s energy workers are experienced in solar power construction and roof-top solar panel installation.
  2. Wind Power: Wind turbines look like massive windmills and catch fast, turbulent winds to generate electricity. Our skilled energy labor workforce specializes in wind turbine installation.
  3. Geothermal Power: Geothermal energy is the heat from the earth that is used to heat and cool buildings. From drilling and installing geothermal heat pumps to servicing and maintaining them, we can provide you with an entire team of geothermal energy workers to tap into this valuable resource.
  4. Tide Power: Tidal energy is produced through large underwater turbines that are placed in areas with high tidal movements. These turbines produce electricity and CLC provides skilled energy laborers who are experienced in installing tidal turbine generators and power systems.
  5. Hydroelectric Power: Hydropower is produced by the force of running water, and a turbine connected to an electric generator. The most common form of hydropower relies on a dam to hold a large supply of water. CLC’s skilled energy workers are trained in modernizing existing hydropower dams to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

Designed For A Lifetime

Whether your plans involve building a new facility or conducting a major renovation on an existing building, CLC puts together a team of skilled laborers that works together to design and construct efficiently and cost effectively. We put major emphasis on engaging the right people with the required expertise into all phases of your alternative energy. This guarantees that systems are designed, sized, installed, and operated, and maintained correctly. Every one of our skilled workers brings renewable energy experience to the table.

Construction Labor Contractors recognizes the importance of alternative energy construction. Most alternative energy construction staffing requests include building and maintaining renewable energy facilities. Our team of alternative energy experts understands your needs in the growing renewable energy field and is prepared to staff your project immediately. We will provide you with a team of proven experts that corresponds specifically to your project needs. We’re ready to handle any request for skilled laborers for all of your typical alternative energy construction projects, from solar and wind power generation projects, to installing equipment for ocean thermal energy conversions.

CLC is proud to staff alternative energy construction projects that benefit the environment and provides top-notch skilled workers to work on these worthwhile construction projects. Contact one of our representatives today to get started!

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