Answered: Your Biggest Questions about Managing Employees

As a construction company manager, you have a lot on your plate. One of the biggest problems you’re facing is the skilled labor shortage and what you’re supposed to do to combat it. Working with a construction labor staffing agency – like CLC – sends fully-vetted employees right to your door. But, what do you do once the employees are on the job site? To properly manage your employees, you need to understand them.

The best managers take the time to learn what their employees needs are. Then meet both your needs, and theirs as well.

Identifying and answering key questions is a fantastic place to start.

What is Employee Engagement?

It is not enough just to offer employment, especially with the current skilled labor shortage. You want to engage your employees and give them reasons to stick around. Competitive pay tops the list of employees’ wants.


Other factors to consider include enjoyable work environment, training, challenging job assignment and more. This chart shows that workers don’t want to be just part of your team. They want you to be invested in them as well.

Another slice of the employee engagement pie is ongoing performance feedback. The word “ongoing” may mislead managers because it means different things to different people. Some employees may prefer to have a quarterly one-hour session to discuss their performance. Other employees might want conversations once a week. A common mistake managers make is to assume your employees all want the same thing. Creating more personalized feedback will allow for better engagement.

These factors are especially important to consider as the workforce shifts toward younger employees.

How Do I Retain Millennials?

If you’ve been in the industry awhile, you may have already mastered how to engage your baby boomer and Gen X employees, however, more millennials are entering the construction trade every day. These younger skilled laborers have different wants and needs than their predecessors.

A common misconception about Millennials is that they are entitled and don’t want to work. While this may be true for some, it is a stereotype not applicable for all. In fact, many young people are looking to make an impact and find meaning in their careers. They want to understand how their role and actions makes a difference overall.

Millennials also want to understand where their careers can go. They want to see a clear path for career advancement and what they need to do to get there. As a construction manager, you need to ask yourself if you are catering to these expectations for your skilled labor. If not, you know where your work begins.

What Training Should I Do for Employees?

Training is an important component of managing employees, but it’s not the only one. And more importantly, training isn’t something you can add to orientation and then never revisit. Training should be continual.

For stronger engagement, ask your skilled labor what they are interested in learning more about or if a new trade appeals to them.. Employees also desire formal and informal mentoring, challenging job assignments and job rotation. Letting them be part of the discussion lets them take ownership of their career, while still making sure your employee’s skills works for the whole team.

Don’t feel overwhelmed with employee engagement, CLC can help you with human resources, payroll and employee benefits. Learn more today about health care, recruitment, 401K assistance and more!

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