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Managing a construction company may be much easier with the use of some of the new construction apps that are available.

Construction apps are becoming a great way to remain efficient on the job site. Despite its faults, the iPhone still has far more readily available apps that make construction pros smarter, more efficient and more effective on the job. Construction Labor Contractors has a list of apps that can help you streamline efficiency and ensure optimal productivity. From apps that monitor project bids to finger-assisted CAD drawing to calculating architectural formulas, these apps can follow you from the office to the construction site.

Best Apps for Construction

The best app for you depends on your job responsibilities, personal preferences and technical aptitude. Here are a few of our favorite free apps you may find useful:

Aconex Field
Track and share project documents, images and videos with team members and customers. Aconex Field is a cloud-based checklist that construction companies use to change the building inspection process. It can capture and track defects and other issues, and distribute them to your team in real time.

Force Effect by AutoDesk
The Autodesk ForceEffect is an engineering app for simulating design concepts in the field or in the office. It offers freehand sketching of elements and construction lines, real-time feedback on simulation performance and easy workflow continuation into CAD with industry-standard export capabilities.

Store, access and share files easier than before with help from the Dropbox cloud. With a portfolio that spans commercial, retail, health care, and institutional spaces, construction companies appreciate the unique design, creative features, and emerging technology. Keep your overhead costs low with this handy app.

Sync notes, images and voice memos across all of your mobile devices. This app organizes and syncs memos, photos, notes and research on a variety of desktops or mobile devices. Site managers can compile information from several sources or subcontractors and share the details with others on the job.

At Construction Labor Contractors, we have the resources and trained team to make your job more efficient, and if you are interested in finding skilled craftsmen or general labor for your upcoming project, contact us.

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