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Construction Labor Contractors provides labor staffing services for a wide-range of assembly line/production projects. Our experienced, skilled assembly line workers are ready to assist you with whatever you need, from working on machinery, to motor vehicles, ships and aircrafts. We also can supply you with skilled laborers that have the expertise to assemble specialty products and perform numerous duties as a team assembler on your production line.

Everything You Need In One Place

Trust CLC to provide you with all of your skilled labor staffing needs. If you need skilled production or assembly line workers, you can count on us to meet your demand fast. Whether it’s specializing in particular parts such as electric motors, or particular manufactured goods, such as office machinery, CLC has a pool of potential candidates prepared to work at your work site the moment you call.

You know what jobs you need filled to get your project started, but where are you going to find time to post open positions, screen candidates, schedule interviews, fill out paperwork, conduct background checks and drug screenings, and so on?

  • The good news is that all of the legwork is done for you with CLC, and you won’t have to conduct one interview or post one job.
  • Our staffing specialists know exactly what to look for when selecting skilled labor candidates and what kinds of duties they will be called to do in today’s market.
  • Because of our extensive screening process, you can trust all of your skilled labor hiring decisions to us.
  • Once you rely on CLC for all of your skilled labor staffing needs, you’ll see how much more time you’ll have to devote to your project deadlines.

Up-To-Date Records

We continually monitor our employee database to make sure each candidate’s skills are fresh and up-to-date. All of our production line workers are specially trained and have completed an associate’s degree program in manufacturing technology, engineering technology, or computer science.

CLC’s assembly line workers are experienced and proficient in the following areas:

  • Reading and analyzing technical layouts and diagrams
  • Accurately measuring and connecting parts together by welding or using bolts and screws
  • Using hand powered tools such as hacksaws, drill presses and forklifts to shape and trim pieces and parts together
  • Operation of automated technology including welding robots and computer-controlled machines used to shape parts

CLC’s Assembly/Production Line Staffing Never Lets You Down

With years of experience and dedication, CLC’s production line workers adjust easily to your construction project demands. They are focused on their job and perform their duties meticulously. We guarantee it. If you are not 100% satisfied with an assembly/production line employee from CLC, we will send a replacement immediately, and you will not be charged for the first employee’s time. It’s our promise and why our reputation for excellence makes us a leader in the construction staffing industry.

Are you ready to experience quality skilled labor staffing? Our staffing specialists are ready to get you started. Give us a call or complete our skilled labor services form to get started with our flexible construction staffing solutions!

Attention Production and Assembly Line Workers Apply Today! Become part of a professional team of skilled laborers and experience flexible, reliable work, competitive wages and benefits. Complete CLC’s construction jobs contract form today!

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