Benefits of Temporary and Long-Term Staffing

construction labor staffing agencyAs construction projects increase, the need for skilled labor intensifies. At CLC, we provide our craftsmen with long-term job stability, continuously matching you with construction project managers based on trade, experience and location. Temporary construction staffing can easily lead to consistent work.


As a construction staffing agency, we partner with an extensive network of contractors and project managers. Working with numerous contractors gives our craftsmen consistent work, while gaining exposure to a variety of projects and contractors.

Need to move? As a CLC craftsman, you can relocate with job security. With offices around the country, we support employees through their relocation, minimizing their downtime and stress.


Working directly for a contractor can be limiting, with fewer opportunities and types of projects. Our resources are much broader than any individual contractor can offer. While one contractor might need to fill 5-10 jobs on their next project, CLC fields ongoing craftsmen requests from our database of thousands of clients.

Working with CLC means having the ability to form relationships with local contractors, with the support of our network for future opportunities. Our team of field representatives builds solid reputations with client companies, so that qualified CLC craftsmen are exposed to better jobs and specialized work on-site.

Long-Term Stability

Since 1997, Construction Labor Contractors has provided skilled craftsmen with consistent work, while offering additional employee benefits.

No Lag Time

Inconsistent work is one of the biggest complaints in the construction trade. We know how important it is for you and your family to have reliable employment and income — not just temporary staffing. Your CLC team works hard to line up continuous projects so you experience little to no lag time. By tracking the status of current projects, the CLC staff can have your next job waiting for you.

Competitive Benefits Package

Many other construction labor staffing companies only offer competitive pay. CLC has competitive pay and also focuses on delivering complete benefits for lasting success. We make sure you are protected on and off the job by offering health insurance, along with dental and vision coverage. All CLC’s craftsmen qualify for these benefits and can personally select the healthcare plans that best suits their needs.

Our benefits package extends far past insurance. We believe you work hard and should be rewarded for it. When working for CLC, you receive personal time off, paid vacation and recruiting bonuses. Additionally, workers have access to financial security benefits, such as opening a 401K. We contribute a 100 percent match up to 3 percent for all craftsman 401K accounts.

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