Blast resistant shelters keep workers safeBlast Resistant Modules Help Energy Firms Keep Workers Safe And Projects On Track

Providing more than safety, blast resistant modules can keep your project moving forward

With the recent growth of the oil and gas industry, and increased focused has been placed on keeping workers safe and keeping construction costs at a minimum. Many companies are finding that blast resistant shelters are a necessary part of this strategy, providing conditions that are both safe and efficient. CLC knows that you’re concerned with the safety of your team, and providing safe working conditions. Investing in blast resistant modules not only helps increase construction site safety, but they could save lives as well.

Construction safety as a priority

Some oil and gas construction sites require additional safety protocols. In these instances, blast resistant modules have the ability to protect occupants in a cost-efficient way, without compromising safety features. These modules are available in multiple sizes and can be connected side-by-side or stacked to create a multi-story blast-resistant complex.

Smarter spending and better efficiency

Though protecting workers is always the first priority, the benefits of these modules extend far beyond safety. The majority of companies operating in blast zones without blast resistant modules are required to transport workers offsite to secure locations several times a day for restroom and meal breaks. Investing in blast resistant shelter creates efficiencies throughout your project. Having onsite accommodations allows workers remain onsite for restroom and lunch breaks instead of transporting them offsite, keeping your productivity high and your costs low.
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