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When you need to get your specialized construction jobs done, turn to Construction Labor Contractors for all of your skilled labor needs. Whether you need commercial or residential boilermakers, CLC always has qualified skilled technicians available to install, maintain and repair boilers and pressure vessels.

No Waiting. No Worries.

It all begins with a phone call. Tell us what you need and our construction staffing specialists will begin working right away to meet your request. Many construction projects in buildings, factories, and ships require boilermakers. CLC’s boiler technicians are trained in systems engineering and experienced with industrial technology.

We select only the finest candidates to join our team of skilled laborers, and our database includes certified boilermakers with an associate’s degree in the field.  You will receive a qualified technical professional at your site within 24 hours of your call.

No Delays.

Need to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act? Don’t worry. CLC has temporary skilled boiler makers that will keep your project running smoothly. Because we work with a vast database of skilled laborers, our boilermakers are qualified to work on a variety of construction assignments, and installing or upgrading a boiler and scrubbing system is just the beginning.

From assembling and installing boilers, closed vats, and various other containers that hold liquid and gases, to repairing broken valves, pipes or joints, our boilermakers are prepared for physically demanding and dangerous work. Expect only the best boilermakers from CLC, experienced in the following areas:

  • Accurately reading blueprints and specifications to determine size and location or parts
  • Assemble and install small and large boiler tanks
  • Use of robotic and automatic welders when necessary for boiler tank assembly
  • Inspect structures and test boiler systems for leaks or flaws
  • Cleaning vats with scrapers and wire brushes
  • Use of hand and power tools for precision cutting
  • Install refractory brick and various other heat-resistant materials in fireboxes or pressure vessels

CLC’s boilermakers are available year-round for regular boiler maintenance and to upgrade parts. If you need routine repairs at your construction site, our skilled technicians will thoroughly inspect boiler controls and feed pumps, and ensure fittings and water pressure gauges are secure.

Don’t delay your project a minute longer because you can’t find the right skilled laborer for your project. Get started with a qualified boiler maker from CLC and contact our staffing solutions representative today!

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