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Commercial driver’s license, or CDL, drivers who work in the trucking industry are one of the 6th most in-demand jobs in the U.S. today. More and more, companies rely on temporary staffing agencies for CDL drivers to transform labor costs to a true variable cost by only paying for CDL drivers when needed. CLC is the most trusted name when it comes to CDL drivers, and our staff of professional truck drivers are standing by ready to work the moment you call.

Our CDL Drivers Are Safe!

You’ll never have to take chances with CDL drivers from CLC. We the time to carefully test, screen and interview every CDL candidate to provide you with the safest drivers in the industry.  Each CLC driver possesses a current commercial driver license with proper endorsements, no serious or disqualifying traffic violations within the last three year, and no felonies or misdemeanors involving theft or violence. In addition, CLC drivers participate in all driver safety training programs, and provide drivers who are reliable, respectful and courteous.

All CLC drivers meet state regulatory requirements for possessing a commercial driver’s license. Our CDL drivers are qualified and experienced in operating flat beds, delivery vehicles and semis¸ Our temporary CDL drivers are perfect for seasonal work, special deliveries, large projects, vacation coverage and sick leave.  Ready as soon as you call, we will send the highest caliber of professional drivers to provide you with the transportation you need.

Put Your Worries Behind You

  • Shorthanded because of employee vacations?
  • Understaffed during the holidays?
  • Unexpected circumstances leave you with limited available drivers?

Don’t worry about a thing. CLC has you covered. We have been serving the construction staffing industry for over a decade and save you time and money by sorting through all of the paperwork and delivering you the most highly qualified candidates available in the truck driving business today.

CLC handles everything, including benefits, which is unusual in the temporary labor staffing industry. And the best part is, working with temporary skilled labor means:

  • you won’t have to worry about Obamacare requirements and paying for full-time employee benefits.
  • We are self-insured and manage worker’s compensation policies and claims too.
  • You will notice a big difference in the time you will save as well as a reduction in your labor costs when you work with CDL drivers from CLC.

Contact us today! We focus on providing safe and qualified truck drivers to our clients. Simply complete our skilled labor contact form and one of our construction staffing services representative will contact you shortly.

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