Continued Growth Means Changes In Residential Construction For 2015

Safety guidelines and worker qualifications are just some of the changes expected this construction season

commercial construction workersThough the housing market took quite a hit in the past few years, home construction is finally beginning to increase. This means more residential work for contractors, as well as some important changes to the residential construction sector. The experts at Construction Labor Contractors have a forecast for some of the changes you can expect to see in 2015.

More Guidelines

Though safety should always be a priority, a rise in residential constructions means increased attention to the guidelines that ensure safety on the construction site. Some contractors returning to the residential construction market may find that some rules and guidelines have changes since their last project, so it’s important to stay current. Whether it be providing contractors and crew with a safe place to work or making sure the site is up to code, there are a set of general guidelines every contractor should follow. Don’t overlook details such as displaying plans and permits on the job site, and making sure your workers compensation regulations are followed.

More homes

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has reported that new home construction is up over 185 from this time last year, showing a continued and steady growth. Building permits are also up 8.1 percent over the 2014 estimate, which a substantial portion of that increase made up from single family homes.

More qualified workers

As the construction industry continues to grow, more emphasis is being placed on hiring highly qualified workers. Though a college degree isn’t required to be a skilled tradesmen, there are still many ways to ensure you have a thoroughly vetted, highly qualified laborer on your job site. If you’re looking for highly trained workers but don’t have the human resources staff to evaluate potential candidates, consider partnering with a professional skilled labor staffing firm like Construction Labor Contractors.

CLC is a main source of construction jobs in the skilled trades industry. We look forward to supporting your business growth by recruiting the best skilled tradesmen and construction workers through our extensive referral network, and placing these craftsmen with your team.

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