Collaborative Project Delivery in the Construction Industry

Partnering up with architects and other professionals in the construction industry may seem like an unnerving or unnecessary form of business. However, with the building boom continuing to expand each year, these types of collaborative efforts can help your business model.

Construction will account for more than 13% of the global economy by the end of this decade, reports say.

Collaborate Earlier

In truth, you may already be working with many different organizations. You just start your partnerships later on in the process. For instance, if you’re potentially building a public transit system, you have placed the bid into the city. But how often do you communicate with everyone that will take over the project once the job is awarded?

Get personnel involved earlier in the process to streamline it. Earlier collaboration simplifies the order system on a building project. Working together from the get-go allows educated strategic decision making at every phase of production.

Stakeholder Input

Stakeholders give financial support to your construction project. But their thoughts and opinions go far beyond a few updates. Reasons for stakeholder involvement varies. Maybe the community center you’re building is in the neighborhood they grew up in. Or it’s possible they want more energy-efficient buildings in a particular town.

Either way, understanding their wants and needs will give the best output.

Regulatory Issues

One of the most frustrating reasons for a construction project to get halted is because it’s not compliant.

If this happens to your crew, you may not be able to meet your deadline. However, a clearly-defined delivery system can easily integrate regulatory issues into the plan.

Including these regulatory concerns is especially useful when it comes to environmental questions. Use unified building data to determine what a building needs before it’s even built.

Changing Times

Forming these collaborations will give you the best chance for success in the changing construction landscape. Others in the industry are embracing technological advancements and improving processes to better serve their clientele.

While you may find another route to take, consider a collaborate project delivery for your next job.

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