Combating the Construction Labor Shortage

It is time to start your construction project. You have worked out your timeline. You have ordered all your materials. But you hit one major snag: you don’t have enough skilled labor. There is a construction labor shortage and you are not sure where to turn. The “whys” behind this shortage have been explained,but now you need to figure out how to find and keep employees.

While prepping for a big project, you already have a lot on your plate. Allowing an agency, like Construction Labor Contractors, find qualified workers for you, frees you up to focus on the project.

Hire Young

Companies need to start hiring and training younger craftsmen. The median age of craftsmen continues to rise, with an estimated 3.7 million workers approaching retirement in the next 10 years. Taking the time to train new employees now can pay off down the road when some employees hit retirement age.

Another reason many 19-25 year olds have stopped entering into the industry is the unwillingness to take short-term contracts. Offering competitive wages from the start can go a long way. Companies need do more to entice the younger generation away from other fields, like business and technology.

Learn how to manage younger workers

Learning how to manage different generations can help with retaining employees. When new employees get hired for a job, ask them what they are looking for in a work environment. Then work with them to create a lasting career.

Millennials, those currently aged 18-34, tend to thrive in environments where they get regular feedback from management.

Working with an agency to find skilled construction labor can ease pressure and open up more time to work with and train younger employees. Creating an apprentice-type program for younger workers can also promote teamwork. Retaining employees may be as simple as letting them understand their role within the company. Setting aside time to provide feedback may be the key.

School districts have not been proactive with vocational training. This means there is a void and something construction companies can pick up the slack. Offering high-school students weekend work to introduce them to the field can be beneficial.

Highlight positives of a career in construction

It is important to highlight the value of a labor job. While some people graduate high school and immediately go to college, others want to start their careers right away.

With the construction labor shortage, it could be a safer career choice than other paths. There is a benefit of learning a trade, which can then jumpstart a career path. They could move up the corporate ladder or start saving money for college instead of getting strapped with school loans right away.

For more tips on how to beat the labor shortage, or to find skilled craftsmen for your current or next construction project, contact us today.

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