Commercial Construction Continues To Rise

Continued industry growth means more commercial construction jobs

commercial construction workersThere are plenty of areas not seeing growth in the upcoming economy, but commercial construction activity isn’t one of them. According to The American Institute of Architects, nonresidential construction projects showed consistent and impressive growth in 2014, and the momentum doesn’t seem to be slowing. As AIA pointed out, the commercial construction industry added 2.5 million jobs last year, and according to major forecasters this number should only continue to increase.

What This Means For Commercial Construction

Contractors and skilled laborers can expect more activity in commercial construction for 2015. New non-residential projects in industries such as healthcare will continue to rise. This increased health in commercial construction is expected to mean increased spending and revenue for commercial construction contractors.


What This Means For Skilled Laborers

With a large portion of the construction workforce having left the industry during the recession, the need for highly qualified skilled labor is great. Partnering with a reputable construction staffing agency is a great way to navigate through fierce competition and find the best construction jobs. Not only are construction staffing agencies helping skilled laborers experience professional growth during this commercial construction boom, but they also offer opportunities to renew training and take additional classes.

The needs of the commercial construction industry are constantly changing and evolving. This diverse growth in sectors such as healthcare, retail, distribution and lodging is calling for an increased need for skilled labor. Construction Labor Contractors is poised to meet the new needs arising from this expanding industry.

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