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Commercial Construction Staffing ServicesConstruction Labor Contractors is the nation’s best answer to commercial construction staffing solutions. We are uniquely positioned to offer the skilled labor, industrial, and construction staffing services you need across the United States. Serving construction contractors for over twenty years, we have the expertise to provide flexible, reliable, skilled tradesmen for a wide range of commercial construction jobs from small office buildings to big-box stores.

Commercial construction is on the rise. New construction projects are popping up all over the United States–which means you are going to be busy. Temporary construction staffing allows you the freedom you need to plan the development of your commercial construction project. Let CLC handle all the recruiting and hiring of your skilled labor staff and provide you with an on-demand team of highly skilled construction workers.

What’s nice about our flexible commercial construction staffing services is that you are not limited to only one location. CLC has construction labor staffing offices across the United States, with thousands of skilled laborers ready to work on your construction project as soon as you call. No matter how big or small your commercial construction project is, you can count on CLC to be there for you. Whenever you need flexible construction staffing, get your skilled labor from CLC.

Construction Labor Contractors never lets you down

We’re ready right when you need us, even when you’re faced with an emergency. Our dedicated team of professionals knows how to calmly handle your request, and searches for top talent immediately, so you won’t miss a beat. Best of all, you will be able to focus on the bottom line while CLC takes care of the rest.

  • CLC handles all payroll processing and human resources management.
  • Our skilled labor employees are provided with benefits.
  • Don’t worry about workers’ compensation either. All of our workers are covered, no matter where your construction site is located.

We take pride in our efficiency of meeting distinct skilled labor requests that are typically not readily available. In addition to the extra time you’ll save, you’ll be saving money by avoiding delays and meeting your construction deadline faster.

We provide an array of skilled labor services for commercial construction including: industrial electricians, heating and cooling (HVAC) technicians, commercial carpenters and much more. We can put together an entire team of reliable professionals when you need them.

Do you need commercial construction laborers? Contact one of our flexible leased labor professionals today to learn how we can help you with staffing your commercial construction project.

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