Common Construction Marketing Mistakes

A few mistakes to avoid while building your brand and growing your business

Commercial Construction Staffing ServicesThe construction industry is growing, and no one can afford mistakes in construction staffing and marketing. Eager to reach the right kinds of prospects, many construction contractors put together a marketing strategy that doesn’t exactly fire on all cylinders. As you make your marketing plans, consider some of these commonly made construction marketing mistakes.

Not having a solid marketing budget
Your marketing budget needs to take in to account multiple factors, so it’s important to give it a lot of thought. In addition to setting the dollar figure you’re willing to spend on marketing, develop and estimate for increased sales. Develop a second estimate you’re willing to work with if you don’t see the increased leads you’re looking for. Also, always have a plan for how you’ll handle an unexpected increase in leads – such as a variable staffing plan.

Not choosing the right sources
It’s important that you’re advertising in sources that are both credible, and legitimate to the construction industry. Low-cost advertising may seem like a great idea to save money, but it doesn’t go along way towards getting your name in front of the prospects you’d like to reach.

Putting too much hope in to referrals
The word-of-mouth leads and referrals you get from other contractors are always useful. However, don’t let your marketing campaigns end there. Often times prospects will still go online to look up construction companies, so follow up on these referrals early on and make sure you direct them to your website.

Not effectively communicating your strategy and proposals
A well-tuned presentation will often win over prospects who were sitting on the fence, so make sure you give a winning presentation that leaves your prospects with a reason to choose you. Tell your story, and make sure you understand your prospects motivation and project goals so you can speak directly to them.

Having an ineffective web presence
Making sure that you have a well-designed and updated website should be a key component of your marketing strategy. If a potential prospect can’t find information about your company online when they look for it, they’ll search for someone else.

Not having a flexible staffing plan
Effective marketing will inevitably turn on leads and jobs that require more laborers than you currently have on staff. Hiring a temporary staffing agency like CLC can allow you to meet the ebbs and flows of construction business while offsetting the costs of hiring more full time workers.

In a booming industry an effective construction marketing strategy will help you turn over new leads, generate new business and grow profits. You marketing strategy is a great way to get your name in front of potential prospect.

Does your marketing strategy need a flexible staffing plan?

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