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Because of the current growth in the commercial construction industry, bidding on jobs is becoming even more competitive. Commercial construction companies are often faced with tight deadlines to complete projects, and run the risk of stretching their staff too thin.

If you don’t have enough skilled labor to complete a job in the timeline your client needs, a construction staffing agency such as CLC can provide you previously vetted workers with skills you need to get the job done. Learn how Construction Labor Contractors created a labor staffing strategy for this Maryland company who found themselves under a strict deadline.

The Client
A commercial construction company in Baltimore, Maryland specializing in commercial carpentry.

The Problem
This construction company was working with a client to develop a bid for a carpentry job in a suit of new offices when the client added additional work to the project. The offices needed to be open and running by a specific date, and the construction company realized they didn’t have enough workers to complete the project on time. This customer needed to increase their workforce, but wasn’t interested in hiring additional full-time laborers.

The Solution
In order to complete the project on time, they were in need of highly skilled carpenters. Due to their limited human resources capacity, they didn’t have the time to properly evaluate any possible temporary workers. They turned to Construction Labor Contractors for a temporary labor staffing plan that would include pre-screened skilled labor they could depend on to get the job done on time.

The Results
Because of the immediate influx of skilled carpenters, the company was able to complete the project on time for their client. This flexible staffing solution meant that the construction company was able to have the help of highly skilled laborers without taking on the cost of new, full-time employees.

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