Top Construction Apps For Project Managers In 2014

Managing a construction company may be much easier with the use of some of the new construction apps that are available. The tools are an ideal way to streamline efficiency and ensure optimal productivity, and more than 10,000 different apps are available. To help individuals choose the perfect app for your company, Construction Labor Contractors has compiled the following list.

1. Archipad Lite

Archipad Construction AppArchipad Lite is a free app that is ideally suited to those who use an iPad or other tablet to perform their estimates. The app can streamline the construction process because it allows managers to send or create, drawings, reports and punch lists. Designed to eliminate many tasks, the app automatically formats entries and ensures that the proper information is conveyed to employees in the field in a clear and concise manner.

2. iAuditor: Safety Auditing Checklist

iAuditor Construction AppTo ensure that employees are working in a safe manner, iAuditor offers a host of benefits. The app allows managers to conduct paperless safety checks, and the finished audits can be e-mailed to others or saved in a PDF format. The app offers more than 12,000 inspection templates, making it a versatile option for contractors in a wide variety of trades.

3. PunchLists

The PunchLists app makes it easy for site managers to gather lists, photos and notes in a single location. After a list is compiled, it can be shared with others in an organization, and information can be presented to architects or engineers for their approval.

4. Aconex Field

Designed to work with Android and iOS devices, the Aconex Field app enables project managers to take pictures and send inspection reports to interested parties. Any upcoming tasks can be viewed in real-time, so the proper employee can resolve any issues.

5. TaskTrak

TaskTrak Construction AppFor those who are interested in eliminating the need for spreadsheets, we recommend the TaskTrak app that is engineered to enhance productivity and ensure that site managers can keep informed of upcoming milestones. Managers can use the app to determine whether their project is proceeding according to schedule, and the app is ideal for projects where cell phone reception is limited.

6. SnagR

To identify any defects during inspections, the SnagR app enables managers to take a picture and identify the problem with the push of a button. The information can then be sent to the proper party for remediation. Because each audit is stamped with a date and time, owners can ensure accountability within their organization.

7. Site Diary

Site Diary works with the iPad or iPhone, and the app lets managers keep a daily log of activity, such as any incidents, status updates or weather information. In addition, the Site Diary app lets managers generate reports in PDF or .CSV formats, and photos can easily be added for clarity.

8. ProjectWise Explore Mobile

If an operation utilizes Bentley’s ProjectWise software, we recommend the mobile version that lets managers send notations and work packages from the job site. Files can easily be shared with others, and copies can be safely saved on a desktop or laptop.

9. Measuring

This app for the iPad or iPhone lets construction estimators take easy measurements of areas that have an irregular shape. Users can rely on a satellite or photo view of the area and find out the dimensions by drawing a particular area with the touch of a finger.

10. Concrete Design

Engineered to work with Android operating systems, this app lets managers calculate the amount of concrete that is required for a particular project. Since the app makes it easy to identify the amount of reinforcement needed for a particular job, the app can streamline estimates.

11. LEEDer Checklist

LEEDer Construction AppFor those who are interested in energy-efficient building projects, the LEEDer Checklist is an app that enables anyone to enter the appropriate information and discover the level of accreditation that is met.

12. Evernote

With Evernote, organizations can sync memos, photos, notes and research on a variety of desktops or mobile devices. Site managers can compile information from several sources or subcontractors and share the details with others on the job.

13. TurboScan

TurboScan lets individuals turn an iPhone into a scanner that can save notes, blueprints, files and project plans as a JPEG or PDF file. The files can be shared with others or uploaded to other apps, like Evernote.

14. Estimate All Pro

This Android app is designed to estimate the various aspects of a particular project, and it offers assistance with lumber, concrete and electrical phases. In addition, the app enables managers to account for taxes to ensure an accurate project total.

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