The Quickest & Easiest Ways to Brand Your Construction Company

Whether you realize it or not, every decision you make impacts your company’s brand — every interaction you have with current or prospective clients, every project you complete and every bid you win or lose. Your brand is a mix of many factors, including your reputation, successes, failures, customer service, etc.

If you want to grow your construction company, you must be proactive about your brand. People will talk about your company and you want to be in the driver’s seat of that conversation. You can control your brand and use it to market your company. This will increase revenue and attract the right types of clients. Here’s some easy ways to start building your brand today.

Set a Branding Budget

Companies that want to grow market share should use about 10% of their revenue for marketing purposes. Branding is only one piece of your marketing budget, but an important portion.

Creating a solid brand identity will let you effectively market your construction company. Branding can be time and cost consuming, so make sure you play with the numbers to see what you can afford. You want to be realistic when building your plan to make sure you can follow through.

Create Your Brand Identity

Having a logo that represents your brand message is a great starting point. It’s the first thing clients see, and the image attached to your company name. You want it to be memorable, while symbolizing your company’s mission and services.

Look through your current marketing materials and at your logo. Does it represent what you want clientele to know about you? If not, you may want to rebrand your marketing materials.

Don’t make the common mistake of relying on a friend or relative who has dabbled in Photoshop to design your logo and other marketing materials. Your brand identity is too important to leave in the hands of an amateur. Hire a professional designer. Just like people hire you for your construction expertise, people hire professional designers for their specialized skills. They can help you develop the right image, choose the right colors and decide on a tag line, if necessary.

The rebranding phase may seem overwhelming, but it’s important to create a clear brand message and design through all your marketing materials. Be sure to update your website, letterhead, advertisements, vehicles and any other marketing collateral with the new brand identity. It’s important that your brand identity is consistent.

Build an Online Presence

If you are not engaging with current and potential customers online, you are leaving business on the table.

One of the most important online elements a company can have is a responsive website. Post new content on your website regularly. This will give clients useful information about your services and establish your construction company as the expert in the field.

Contact information is important to have on your website, but so is your response time to requests. If you include an email address for customers to contact you, check it frequently so you don’t miss requests for job quotes. Today’s consumers expect a response in 24 to 48 hours; if you wait too long, they will take their business to your competitor.

A social media presence can also be important to getting interactive online with your current and potential clients. Each social media site has its own set of rules and can be a time and cost-consuming endeavor. You can choose to outsource your social media to a marketing firm or keep it in-house. Either way, make sure you are dedicating enough time to building your online presence so you don’t fall flat of your expectations.

You want to carry your overall branding message into your social media accounts. Sharing content that your potential customers may want to read is a good place to begin.

Market your Experts

Beyond positioning your brand as a whole, you also want to highlight your employees’ skills. Do you have a contractor or project manager who is particularly outstanding? Market these experts.

Potential clients want to know they are working with the best. They want to speak with experienced professionals. By utilizing the talent on your team, you will increase the odds of winning new business. People are also more willing to pay for expert craftsmanship. By showing them, upfront, what they are paying for, you can get more sales.

One way to highlight these team members is to have them engage online through social media accounts and writing content for your website. People naturally prefer personal interactions, and are more likely to follow and listen to the advice of an expert than a company.

Are you ready to begin building the best branding for your company? Increased business equals an increase in labor needs. Work with a professional construction staffing agency to meet these demands. Construction Labor Contractors is here to help. Fill out our Contact Form and get skilled labor for your next project.

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