Construction Demands Are Outpacing Skilled Labor

A temporary labor staffing strategy can help in this continually growing industry

Construction Staffing SolutionsThe commercial construction industry continues to grow, and this means a demand for a skilled labor in the construction workforce. An increase in nonresidential construction spending of 7.2% is expected for the year 2014 and an estimated 1.5 million construction workers have left the industry, retired or left the workforce.

Qualified Workers

Construction jobs are outpacing the construction workforce for the first time in a long time. This means an increase in the demand for skilled labor. More than ever construction companies are searching for candidates with the skills they need to complete the jobs they have on their plate. Finding the skilled labor to fill these positions hasn’t been easy.

Many workers have left the construction industry because in previous years their skills were demanded elsewhere, such as the oil or gas industry. Now, there are a higher volume of commercial construction jobs demanding skilled workers so construction companies are on the search for qualified workers.

Variable Staffing Can Help

One of the largest problems with this fluctuating workforce is the amount of time it takes to train new workers. This could cause a problem where companies are so hesitant to add to their full time staff that it actually slows the recovery of the construction industry. This is a problem that can be solved by having a variable staffing strategy.

A construction company may accept a bid on a job only to find it doesn’t have the adequate workforce it needs. In order to not risk losing the bid, a these construction companies can partner with staffing agencies like CLC who have trained and vetted workers available to complete their temporary workforce.

We recruit reliable talent across the country that can help you meet the demands of this growing industry. Construction companies don’t have to fear the ebbs and flows of job demands, as a variable staffing strategy provides you workers when you need them without increasing your full time employee count.

If you’re ready to take part in the growing construction industry we can help you experience success with temporary skilled labor.

Construction Contractors and Industrial Project Managers: We efficiently match skilled craftsmen to your specific project needs, while improving overall labor productivity and performance standards. Contact one of our flexible skilled labor representatives for details!

Skilled Tradesmen and Construction Workers: We guarantee competitive wages, comprehensive benefits, a safe work environment, and the opportunity to renew your training. If you are looking for permanent or temporary labor staffing, fill out our jobs contact form today!

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