What Construction Industry Challenges Could Affect Your Business In 2015

Worries about rising prices and labor shortages? CLC has tips for avoiding these challenges.

construction industry challengesWith the construction industry continuing to climb, focus is being pulled toward managing issues being created by this sudden rise in work. Increased work in both residential and commercial construction means a number of changes are starting to crop up, from limited supplies to limited labor. The experts at Construction Labor Contractors, a trusted temporary labor staffing agency, have some tips for keeping these construction industry challenges from negatively impacting your business in 2015.

Price increases

The challenge: With the rise in construction projects also comes a rise in prices. Though the current economic growth means more spending, it also means construction companies and contractors are dealing with high price growth for their goods and products.

How to prepare: Buying early and shopping around are great practices to if you’re going to meet these prices increases head-on without breaking your budget. Having usual suppliers you can rely on for up-to-date, timely prices can help when projecting an accurate budget – but relying on more than one vendor will allow you to take advantage of any fluctuating prices and deals.

Supply shortage

The challenge: In an effort to meet the increased demand brought on by new projects, contractors are beginning to notice a shortage of supplies and materials. In some areas the wait for materials can be anywhere from months to a year.

How to prepare: Keeping detailed, real-time information on the status of every project will help you know you’re going to need additional supplies before it becomes a crisis. Involve the whole team, from your skilled workers to your project managers.

Skilled labor shortage

The challenge: Tougher restrictions on immigration and the long lull of construction work during the recession means the pool of skilled laborers has shrunk. During the recession many craftsmen left the construction industry for other opportunities. Construction contractors and companies may find themselves without the specialized craftsmen they need to complete a project, leading to costly delays.

How to prepare: Partnering with a reputable construction staffing agency is a great way to ensure you meet the demands of this growing industry. More and more skilled craftsmen are turning to construction staffing agencies to ensure better working environments, competitive wages and steady work. This means a large influx of talented, previously-vetted workers is just a step away! Temporary labor can also be a great solution for short-term projects when you don’t have the overhead to take on a new full-time employee.

Construction Labor Contractors understands the needs of this changing industry, and we offer skilled tradesmen that can leave you fully prepared to meet whatever projects come your way in 2015. Learn more about how temporary labor with a construction staffing agency like CLC can work for you!

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