Construction Industry Trends You Can Expect To See In 2015

From a energy-saving practices to vertical exterior gardens, what you can expect in 2015

construction craneThe construction industry is constantly evolving, and at Construction Labor Contractors we pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest construction trends and technology in order to offer the best services possible. Now that the industry is experiencing growth after the recession, construction is shifting to more elaborate, efficient processes.

Green green everywhere

With more states setting up laws and codes for energy conservation, going green is more than a trend – it’s a requirement! Contractors and construction companies are developing and designing around energy-saving ideas and innovations such as LED lights and sustainable materials.

Embracing the outdoors

A great way to maintain energy efficiency and add a deep layer of design to a finished project is to utilize outdoor elements such as natural lighting, steel fabricated doors instead of aluminum, or even allowing for living walls and vertical exterior gardens. These little touches add natural beauty to any project, and are great of helping to increase sustainability.

Creating new trends while incorporating the old

New design trends like open kitchens and concrete flooring add cohesive touches that push the envelope of beautiful design. But it’s important to not completely cover up all the historical elements of a building! In 2015 renovation projects will work to maintain and keep historical style, while creating a look that blends in with current architecture and design.

The process of modernizing construction isn’t slowing down any time soon. Don’t get left behind as these trends take the industry by storm! Make sure you have the most qualified laborers to get your projects done on time, on budget and with the current industry in mind. From welders to electricians, Construction Labor Contractors has skilled labor for whatever you need.

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