How to Ace Your Construction Job Interview

Everyone feels some level of stress when searching for a job and preparing for an interview. The construction industry is no exception. You’re sending out information hoping for a response. And you’re meeting strangers who will determine whether or not you get the job based on how you answer a few questions. It’s a stressful process.

Truth is, most people fail because they are underprepared. Some simple research and preparation can take the stress out of the process – and make you successful. Here are the most important things to do if you want to land a job in the construction industry.

Tailor Your Resume to the Job

Your resume is typically the biggest factor in determining whether or not you get an interview. The most common mistake people mistake is using the same resume for each job application. You’ll drastically improve your chances of landing an interview if you create a version of your resume tailored specifically to the skill sets mentioned in the job posting. Be sure to highlight your unique skill sets, as well as any leadership positions and special training.

Be Prepared for Common Questions

In addition, your potential employer will use your resume to guide questions during your interview. Be prepared to answer questions about your work history, including gaps in employment, as well as your role on specific projects. In addition to skills, employers are looking for people who will be a good fit for their company. Skip the canned answers, but let them know why, in your own words, you will be a good addition to their team.

In almost every interview, you will be asked about your strengths and weaknesses. Many companies will ask you what you think you can bring to the company if/when you’re hired.

It seems simple to answer these questions, but while interviewing, the nerves may get to you. Knowing what your answers are beforehand will help guide you even if you’re nervous. Here’s some tips to keep in mind as you prepare your answers:

• Always be truthful.
• Provide explanations; don’t just say you’ve working in the construction industry for 10 years, explain how you’ve loved working with your hands since you were a child.
• Show your personality, but keep it professional.
• Be able to explain how you were an asset to your previous employers and what value you added to your teams.
• Pinpoint specific examples when you solved problems, and use teamwork and creativity to accomplish goals.

Dress to Impress

Dress professionally for your in-person interview. It’s always better to be a bit overdressed for a job interview than to be underdressed. This is true across all specializations and trade skills. This will not only impress your interviewer, but also boost your confidence during the interview.

This can also ring true for a phone interview. Dressing professionally can put you in the right mindset to discuss a potential role. You’ll feel more confident wearing professional clothing than pajamas, and your interviewee will notice.

Ask Intelligent Questions

Before your construction job interview, research the company. Learn as much as you can about its purpose and company goals. Then ask smart questions, like the ones listed below, that show your potential employer that you’ve done your homework.

• “Your company mostly focuses on residential construction. Do you have plans to expand to other markets?”
• “How does the company handle the issue of sustainability?”
• “I heard that you did the (fill in the blank) project. What obstacles did you have to overcome?”
• “I noticed the company has been on a growth spurt. What do you attribute that to?”
• “You seem to work in small teams; is that true for this position as well?”
• “What does success look like for the person in this position?”
These types of questions demonstrate that you have genuine interest in the company and aren’t just looking for a paycheck. At this point, the company wants to know what you can do for them, so avoid questions about salary and benefits until you are offered the position.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to walk into any interview with confidence and make a lasting impression. After all, it’s all about preparation and research – and that’s easy!

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