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Let us make construction staffing work for you. Since 1997 Construction Labor Contractors (CLC) has been reducing headaches for construction contractors and industrial project managers by providing skilled construction workers, flexible skilled labor and HR management. With leased construction labor staffing from CLC, life gets a lot more workable.
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CLC WorkForceSM provides skilled, experienced construction workers on demand for industrial project managers and construction contractors. CLC FlexForceSM provides flexible, skilled construction workers to even out workflow surges up and down times. You can plan projects without worrying about construction labor layoffs or staffing up. Construction Labor Staffing One of our construction staffing solutions will work for you – talk with us to decide which construction labor staffing option will work best in your construction project. Behind each is more than a decade of Construction Labor Contractors experience in hiring the best skilled labor, HR expertise in construction workforces of all sizes, and problem-solving for our customers. With dedicated construction employment offices throughout the U.S., our bench strength is at your disposal. Whether you are growing or downsizing – in any situation, we can help you.

What Makes Construction Labor Contractors Different?

  • Understanding your needs. Our experienced employees know your business and listen to you.
  • Recruitment of the best skilled tradesmen and construction workers through an extensive referral network
  • Employment consistency and benefits among the best in the construction labor industry
  • Skilled labor training and development, including state-certified apprenticeship training
  • Human Resources consulting and training
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