Construction Labor Leasing Company: Key Advantages

Construction firms face many challenges in the industry. From uneven revenue and expenses to labor shortages, it can be difficult to find solutions on your own. A labor leasing company can combat those problems and even provide ideal ways to address those problems.

A labor leasing company can help a construction firm deal with:

• Uneven revenue and expenses
• Labor shortages
• High insurance costs

Uneven Revenue & Expenses

Because of the nature of the construction industry, your revenue and expenses can be highly unpredictable, making it difficult for you to consistently hire and pay employees. Construction firms don’t have a way to accurately predict business demands. For example, the financial impact can be significant with the cost of materials or the impact of regulations for home construction and commercial building projects.

You can take on these issues by working with a labor leasing company like Construction Labor Contractors. You can focus on the building projects while we focus on providing skilled workers. Whether it’s a short-term or long-term job, CLC can easily fill the void.

Labor Shortages

One difficulty contractors face is a shortage of labor. Often, the skill sets you require vary as projects come in. As a result, it can be challenging to find employees who are both qualified and have the skills you need at that time.

In fact, 70% of contractors say they struggle to find qualified workers or professionals to fill an increasing number of vacancies. In addition to needing workers to complete projects, firms are also concerned that a labor shortage can compromise safety, especially with less experienced workers.

The good news for contractors is that a labor leasing company can effectively match skilled craftsmen with the right experience to projects as they arise. Not only is there a wide pool of available workers, but CLC can match you with candidates in any city if needed.

High Insurance Costs

Insurance is also an issue for many contractors, as they face paying higher premiums for workers’ compensation, general liability, surety insurance, and other types of policies.

But if you partner with a labor-leasing company, your costs can go down.
For example, CLC provides a comprehensive benefits package for employees. Not only do we include health insurance, we also feature dental and visions coverage, personal time off, paid vacation, and 401(k) contributions. We save you from the time and expense of managing benefits for a large group.

Key HR Challenges that Labor Leasing Companies Handle

Look to CLC to can provide solutions to significant issues, including:

• Recruiting qualified workers
• Ensuring safety and controlling workers’ compensation costs
• Changing labor laws
• Temporary worker
• High employee turnover
• Immigration compliance

Are you ready to take the next step and partner with a labor leasing company? Reach out to CLC today.

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