Construction Safety Performance Terms Every Contractor Needs To Know

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construction safety performance Workplace injuries on a construction site can affect more than just productivity. With rising insurance premiums, delayed deadlines and losses in productivity it’s not hard to see how poor safety performance can be costly to your bottom line. At Construction Labor Contractors, we know how important construction safety performance is to keeping your laborers happy and your costs down. Understanding the terminology surrounding construction safety performance can be helpful for understanding how safety performance is calculated. Here are some terms that all construction contractors need to know when it comes to safety performance and workplace injuries.

Willful Violation
This violation describes an employer who knows that their behavior fails to comply with a legal requirement, but shows an indifference to requirements. An employer being made aware of a hazardous condition and making no effort to change this condition is an example of a Willful Violation.

Certificate of Insurance or COI
This is the certificate that proves your company has sufficient insurance coverage to protect your workers in the event of an accident, injury or other incident.

Serious Violation
When an employer is aware, or should have been aware, of a workplace hazard that would cause an incident resulting in serious injury or death it is considered a Serious Violation.

Other Than Serious Violation
This violation is typically sited when an incident probably wouldn’t cause seriously physical harm or death, but has a direct relationship to job and family health.

Total Recordable Incident Rate or TRIR
This is a measure of your total recordable workplace injuries. This calculation takes the total number of OSHA recordable cases occurring in your business and multiplies it by the average number of hours worked by employees to come up with a normalizing figure that can indicate your safety performance.

Experience Modification Rate or EMR
This calculation is determined by the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) and it compares a companies annual losses in workers compensation against it’s policy premiums over a three-year period. This is known as a lagging indicator of safety performance.

Informal Conference
An employer may request an informal conference with the OSHA Area Director to discuss any violations within 15 working days of receiving a violation notice from OSHA. This can allow for a better explanation of the violations and is particularly useful if there is a difficulty in complying with any part of the OSHA notice.

Remaining in compliance with OSHA Labor Laws and maintaining a thorough understanding of the terminology surrounding construction safety compliance can be an exhausting process. Partnering with a labor staffing agency can help you avoid labor lawsuits, minimize your risk and keep your costs down. Construction Labor Contractors not only provides construction staffing, but specializes in risk management to help you remain in safety compliance.

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