Statistics on Construction Site Accidents

What can you be doing to avoid accidents?

Construction AccidentsWith construction on the rise, a growing industry trend is to play close attention to the prevention of construction site accidents and the costs associated with them. At Construction Labor Contractors, we know that having no work site accidents is near impossible. But consider some of the following construction site accident statistics and learn how partnering with a construction staffing agency can help reduce your risk of accidents:

  • Tens of thousands of construction workers are injured every year.
  • On average, 1,000 construction workers die each year.
  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 1 in 10 construction site workers are injured every year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics figured this statistic to roughly 150,000 construction site accident injuries each year.
  • OSHA reports show that fall hazards are the leading cause of injury at construction sites.
  • Most construction site injuries involve construction workers’ backs, spines, and trunks.
  • Contact with equipment was also a significant cause of injury for workers.
  • Workers between the ages of 25 and 34 years old are the most likely to be injured in a construction site accident.
  • Around 15% of workers compensation costs are spent on workers who were injured at a construction site.

So what are some steps you can take to create a safer work environment for your skilled laborers?

Protect against falls

Considering the leading worksite accident results from fall  great investments are anti-slip flooring and fall protection gear for workers who work past a certain height. Also, make sure all surfaces worker walk on are strong enough to support the weight of the worker. OSHA also expects all ladders to have the ability to hold a certain weight amount. Some OSHA approved safety features on ladders include locks on the wheels and hand rails for tall ladders.

Protect air quality

Be sure to provide your workers with adequate ventilation, proper mouth coverings and restricted access to work areas that are producing any type of air contaminant. OSHA has been shown to appreciate companies that actively work to substitute materials which do not emit as many air contaminants as their competitors. This works out in your favor for many reasons!

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Monitor Compliance

It’s important that you keep tabs on whether your safety policies and procedures are effectively implemented. Put controls in place to ensure that all employees are complying with these plans; i.e. employees are clocking in and out for meal breaks to provide proof of compliance with break requirements.

Work with a labor staffing agency

Reduce the number of injuries by using a reputable labor staffing agency like Construction Labor Contractors. We work to staff your jobs with qualified, quality people so you can rest assured your workforce is top-notch!

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