Construction Site Security & Theft Prevention

Work site theft can cause delays. Here are some tips for avoiding risk.

Though mConstruction Site Security Tipsany construction companies can keep costs down with temporary labor staffing, construction site theft can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. Whether it be metals or construction equipment, the cost of replacing parts and equipment — as well as the time spent acquiring new materials — can cause a huge loss of productivity and revenue. For these reasons construction site security and theft prevention are of utmost importance to help you keep costs down and delays to a minimum.

What’s at risk?

The National Insurance Crime Bureau recently reported that metal thefts have climbed over 81% in recent years, but that’s not all thieves are targeting. Equipment, even heavy machinery, is also at risk. Copper wiring, generators and left behind tools are also easy for thieves to steal. The replacement costs for these items can add a large expense to an otherwise carefully budgeted construction project, and it could also delay work for weeks.

Construction site security & preventing theft

Don’t risk losing a contract or a bid because of lack of construction site security and theft! The best way to reduce the financial fallout of construction site theft is to create a properly secured site. High-quality storage containers or built-in storage can go a long way in deterring theft. Make sure all construction offices storing valuable material are securely locked and have security bars on the windows. Keeping the construction site well-lit at all hours can also give a potential thief pause, but perimeter fences and security cameras add another level of security.

After-hours security personnel or cameras can not only prevent theft, but can help if you do have to report a claim. For extra security, contact local law enforcement who may be willing to drive by your site at night. In addition, make sure you keep meticulous records of equipment serial numbers and inventory. Making sure that materials and equipment are accounted for each day can go a long way to avoid losses and damages.

At Construction Labor Contractors we know that the safety of your workers and your construction site is a top priority. As a full-service risk management firm, CLC is here to assist you with any questions you may have from hiring decisions to workplace compliance.

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