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Partnering with Construction Labor Contractors results in lower overall skilled labor costs, reduced risk, and improved bottom line. CLC offers hundreds of pre-qualified, highly skilled construction workers to fill labor staffing requests nationwide. From brand new construction or shutdowns to plant reorganization or relocations, Construction Labor Contractors will customize the best construction staffing services package for your project. Our skilled workers and construction laborers have vast experience serving various industries from industrial construction to alternative energy plants. We provide construction staffing services for a wide range of industries:

Industrial Construction

We will mobilize the industrial construction workforce you need, for long or short-term projects, anywhere in the United States. With CLC’s expertise and service guarantee, you have everything to gain. To get started with a construction staffing services packaging that makes sense for you, simply complete our skilled labor contact form. ...Read More


We have skilled laborers like carpenters, welders, and millwrights to get the job done. Because we have the expertise, we can help complete your manufacturing project on time. See all of the construction staffing skilled trades we have available. ...Read More

Commercial Construction

We are uniquely positioned to offer the skilled labor, industrial, and construction staffing services you need. We provide flexible, reliable, skilled tradesmen for a wide range of commercial construction jobs from small office buildings to big-box stores. ...Read More

Disaster Relief & Response

Disasters require immediate response and relief efforts. At Construction Labor Contractors, we have access to an extensive industrial and construction workforce of temporary skilled workers who can be deployed to any area in the country to assist with disaster construction. Rely on CLC to support disaster relief and rebuilding efforts. ...Read More

Drilling & Exploration

Our skilled laborers have the experience and means to get the job done in any drilling and exploration project. Because we understand your need for proven field experience, we complete specialized skilled labor testing and assessment of each candidate. CLC can provide the construction staffing services, one man or an entire crew, to complete your projects on time, every time. Become more profitable with CLC today. Simply complete our skilled labor contact form and one of our construction staffing solutions representatives will be in touch shortly. ...Read More

Alternative Energy

Our team of alternative energy staffing experts understands your need for a field proven and skilled workforce. For this reason, we hire only the most skilled laborers and match them to your specific project needs. We provide flexible construction staffing solutions to build, manufacture and install various alternative energy projects. ...Read More

CDL Drivers

Transform your labor costs to a true variable cost by only paying for CDL drivers when you need them. CLC offers professional truck drivers to any industry. We focus on providing safe and qualified truck drivers to our clients. Simply complete our skilled labor contact form and one of our construction staffing services representative will contact you shortly. ...Read More

Shipyard Labor

No matter the shipyard project, Construction Labor Contractors’ team of flexible construction staffing specialists will match you with the right temporary skilled workers. We provide skill-tested, shipyard experienced tradesmen who have completed shipyard safety training. Imagine having access to a flexible, reliable and experienced shipyard workforce, ready to work on your next shipyard project. ...Read More
Reduce your risk, control costs, and lessen your burden while ensuring you have the skilled labor manpower you need.
Meet your needs.

Why Choose Our Flexible Construction Staffing Services?

  1. Complete more projects in more locations through supplementing your construction labor staff with quality temporary skilled labor.
  2. Transform your labor costs into true variable cost by paying for a skilled labor workforce only when you need it.
  3. Reduce your risk, control costs, improve workforce productivity, and boost your bottom line!
Complete our skilled labor contact form today to find out which one of our labor staffing solutions works best for you!

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