6 Ways Labor Staffing Will help You Control Labor Costs

A staffing agency like CLC can keep productivity up and labor costs down

Control Costs with Labor Staffing

Control Labor Costs with Temporary Staffing

If you’re looking improve operating productivity while reducing labor costs a temporary labor staffing agency might be the solution you’re looking for. Successful staffing is key to maintaining profitability, reducing overhead and managing operating costs.

Quality staffing agencies like Construction Labor Contractors can help you manage risk, reduce your labor costs and improve your bottom line. CLC can offer pre-qualified workers that serve a wide range of industries. Following are just a few of the ways CLC can help you control your labor costs.

1. Frees your personnel from Human Resources duties. Take advantage of a staffing agency’s human resources capabilities and avoid distracting your employees with screening, testing, interviewing, and reference checking. This not only frees your personnel to focus on critical operations, but reduces your hiring cost and time.

2. Changes fixed labor cost to variable labor costs. Chances are, labor is one of the biggest expenses your company has. Partnering with a staffing agency allows you to supplement your staff with temporary workers during peak production times and avoid high labor costs.

3. Helps prevent unemployment claims. When partnering with a staffing firm you can rest easy knowing that their unemployment claims won’t affect your rating.

4. Reduces overtime costs. When you add qualified temporary employees through a staffing agency you limit the cost of mandatory overtime. Overtime is a very expensive way to produce work, and using temporary employees can greatly increase your productivity while decreasing your cost.

5. Reduces training costs. Training can be expensive. The numerical value of a training program, plus the staff resources used to train new hires can place a burden on your company. Working with a staffing agency they provide the initial training, and pre-select employees with experience you need. This allows for workplace efficiency that will pay off!

6. Helps avoid hiring mistakes. A bad hire can be detrimentally expensive to your company, costing you much more than that hire’s salary initially would have. Reduce this risk by partnering with a trusted staffing firm that has a detailed screening program, and increase your chances of getting the hire you need to get the job done. They handle the testing, interviewing and reference checking to provide you candidates that possess the skills you require and the experience you need.

7. Avoid staff burnout and associated costs. Companies can make large mistakes when they are forces to push their staff to produce more with limited resources. Staffing agencies can relieve some of that pressure by providing temporary employees when production needs are high. This can also reduce the risk of costly mistakes and limit the expense of employee turnover.

Construction Labor Contractors understands your needs, and our experienced employees offer skilled tradesmen that can improve your productivity while decreasing your labor costs.

Don’t bog down your business with human resources concerns or worries of unemployment claims. Let us handle the details so you can get to work!

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