A Case Study in Cost Management With Labor Staffing

Control fluctuating project costs with temporary staffing

Labor Staffing Cost ManagementCommercial construction is on the rise, which means commercial construction companies are keeping very busy. Temporary construction labor staffing allows the freedom to plan the development of your commercial construction project, while not worrying about fluctuating staffing needs.

Because this growing industry can yield ebbs and flows of work volume, commercial construction companies are looking to CLC. We can handle the recruiting and hiring of your skilled labor staff and provide you with an on-demand team to help you manage labor staffing costs. Our efforts can help you manage labor staffing costs, as we did for a construction company in Virginia.

The Client

The client was a small commercial construction company in Richmond, Virginia who had received approval on a bid to remodel a set of office buildings. Though they had the expertise to complete the job, and were eager to get started, the workload was more than their staff could handle.

The Problem

The company didn’t have the payroll budget or the resources to hire additional staff. They were concerned that the time they would spend vetting, reference checking and managing paper trails for new workers would cause them to lose the project. They needed to complete the remodel of these office buildings on time and on budget. Troubled by the cost of hiring full-time staff and a need to stay in the projects budget had them looking for staffing solutions when they turned to CLC.

The Solution

Temporary staffing was the answer to this company’s problem. Construction Labor Contractors responds to temporary construction staffing services requests with a nationwide database of professionals ready to work the moment you call. Because CLC takes care of all administrative costs associated with hiring and recruiting a construction workforce, they were able to focus on the project they needed to complete.

The Results

By hiring a temporary construction staffing agency, they were able to eliminate worries of unemployment costs, workers comp exposure and premiums, and reduce costs and time associated with hiring. CLC provided temporary workers that were already screened and background checked to guarantee certifications and physicals are up-to-date.  In addition, CLC was able to manage all employment-related tax filings, obtaining employee benefits, and ensuring compliance with a multitude of safety requirements, reducing the project’s cost even further.

Serving construction contractors for over ten years, Construction Labor Contractors has the expertise to provide flexible, reliable, skilled tradesmen for a wide range of commercial construction jobs from small office buildings to big-box stores.

Are you ready to experience success in cost management with labor staffing?

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