Craftsmen: Get Continuous Job Placement Support

Continuous Job Stability with CLC

Construction Labor Contractors is your continuous job placement partner. Once you become part of our skilled team of craftsmen, we are committed to finding your initial job, and every project after. With our extensive network of contractors and project managers across the U.S., our craftsmen benefit from reliable, uninterrupted employment – regardless of location.

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No Lag Time

Our goal is to ensure you have no downtime between jobs. By tracking projects, our staffing team will align new opportunities for you before your current job ends. CLC maintains an exhaustive project database so our craftsmen have job stability. We are invested in your long-term success.

Relocation Services

There is no need to worry if life takes you elsewhere in the country. With offices all over the U.S. and a national accounts division, CLC can keep you working no matter where you call home.

If you need to relocate, simply call your current office to get started. We will contact your new office and get you set up professionally so you can handle the personal aspects of your move. Learn more about our relocation process.

Helpful Human Resources

At CLC, we are committed to your personal, professional and financial health. From our new employees to our current craftsmen, the CLC human resources team is always available to answer your questions. We can assist with benefit enrollment, including our comprehensive healthcare and 401K plans.

Whether you need to relocate, find a new project or need assistance with benefits, CLC delivers complete job support. If you have the skills, CLC has the job security, benefits and location flexibility that you need.

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