Craftsmen Testimonials

Construction Labor Contractors is a skilled labor staffing agency that matches skilled laborers to jobsites around the country. Since 1997, we’ve prided ourselves in creating long-term stability for craftsmen, while also giving them exposure to various contractors. That dedication to our employees has helped us build strong relationships with our talented workforce.

Hear from some of our craftsmen about their experience with CLC:

“Having worked for CLC, I can say that I had a great experience both with staff and on the job. Everyone was quick to help me when I needed it and to point me in the right direction.”

-Samuel Younger, Baltimore office

“Construction Labor Contractors LLC is a work-friendly environment. I like that the company is very diverse and provides excellent customer service to their employees.”

-Rickey Meekins, Baltimore office

“Great communication, quick response to questions/problems. Great insurance program.”

-Benjamin McDougle, Cincinnati office

“I can count on the staff to keep me working. Reliability, capability and integrity are rewarded.”

-Michael Strong, Cincinnati office

“I love the hours, the places I travel and the people I work with.”

-Joshua Short, Cincinnati office

“You have kept me working, the wage is competitive, and any help I need from the office is quickly given.”

– James Melock, Cleveland office

“Very easy to work with!”

-Gabriella Desensi, Cleveland office

“Consistent work and paychecks are always correct.”

-Kahil Coleman, Washington, DC office

“Plenty of work.”

-Khai Tran, Washington, DC office

“It’s been a great experience for me so far. The staff is awesome, always ready to help and the pay is good. This is an excellent company and I will recommend it to anyone who is a hard worker. I am in college studying Construction Management and hopefully I will become a full-time employee for CLC.”

– Cherno Baldeh, Washington, DC office

“They provided work for many businesses, making it easy to keep us busy. Since I’ve been with CLC, I have never been home without a job.”

– Jordao Teixeira, Washington, DC office

“The people in management are well organized, they are very nice, friendly (and) on top of all jobs going on.”

– Jeffrey Stafford, Washington, DC office

“The staff is very helpful and diligent in keeping me working.”

– Michael Teal, Washington, DC office

“Great company and wonderful work environment. Big plus with getting paid weekly; not many jobs do that.”

– Richard Davenport, Fort Worth, TX office

“Construction Labor Contractors takes care of workers and provides you with multiple opportunities to keep busy.”

– Kendall Thompkins, Kansas City, KS office

“CLC has kept me busy with work and also the pay has been on time. Each CLC office member has a great attitude and is eager to help me. When a job ends, CLC stands behind me, finding me more work. Thank you for your support. It helps me feed and provide for my family.”

– Shawn Parker, Knoxville, TN office

“I was provided work in a rapid, professional manner. The staff was really helpful in the application stage and afterwards. I am very appreciative for CLC!”

-Miguel Pomales, Raleigh, NC office

“I have worked with CLC for over a year and they are great employers. They always find me work when I need it and are a reliable staffing company.”

– John Burger, Jr., Richmond, VA office

“They’ve always been there for me to help me through tough times. They call or email me to see how I am doing and to see if I need anything. I love this agency.”

-Vincente Figueroa, Richmond, VA office

“They keep me working. I don’t ask for much in this world, but there’s nothing like a good steady paycheck. Thank you to everybody there.”

-Steven Neves, Titusville, FL office


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