A Case Study in Disaster Relief Staffing and Jobs

Staffing skilled labor during disaster relief efforts

Disaster Relief Staffing

Disaster Relief Jobs & Staffing

When hurricanes, floods, fire and other disasters occur, relief efforts are required immediately. Construction contractors play an important role in the recovery process, and temporary skilled workers who can rapidly respond to disaster relief jobs can be deployed to any area in the country to assist with disaster construction.

From constructing new homes to repairing large buildings, our disaster relief jobs and skilled labor solutions ensure that all of your construction staffing needs are met. Contractors rely on CLC’s temporary construction staffing services to support disaster relief jobs and rebuilding efforts throughout the nation, such as in this case scenario from Eastern Ohio.

The client was a contractor in East Ohio. Recent storms brought flooding and hail damage to their area, and the volume of relief needed was more than their staff could handle. Concerned about getting projects completed quickly and safely, they contacted Construction Labor Contractors to fill in their staffing needs.

The Problem

This contractor didn’t have the budget to hire more permanent employees. The hail damage and flooding needed repaired, but he need for extra staff would diminish once the recovery was complete. They didn’t have time to train temporary hires, and needed workers who understood the specific requirements of disaster relief jobs.

The Solution

This contractor needed a local team of professionals to help them hit the ground running with their relief efforts. CLC’s very responsive staffing solutions were able to provide professional skilled labors with same-day staffing so they could begin sorting which jobs were top priority, and cover the most ground in the least amount of time. 

The Results

Construction Labor Contractors skilled laborers strengthened the recovery and repair efforts of these reconstruction projects. The contractor was able to provide relief assist for roof repairs and replacements from hair damage, window and siding repairs from wind and debris as well as basement and floor repairs from flooding. They helped bring fast relief to an area caught off-guard by a strong spring storm.  

Our reputation for immediately responding to disaster relief staffing requests produces the highest quality craftsmanship in the reconstruction industry. Whether it’s a small loss or giant catastrophe, CLC’s very responsive and professional skilled labor provides same-day staffing solutions for last-minute emergencies.

For an immediate response to your disaster relief request, please contact one of our relief specialists today.

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