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Find the drilling and exploration operator or team you need today with CLC. Our skilled drilling workers have the environmental experience and means to get the job done in any drilling and exploration project nationwide. With over ten year’s experience in construction staffing, and we are experts in drilling and exploration sites, making staffing your project easier than ever.

The U.S. oil industry is working overtime to meet increasing demands, and construction companies are begging for skilled labor. CLC ‘s skilled labor professionals have the resources and expertise to staff your exploration project with the right drilling workers, safely and ahead of time. Our tradesmen are pre-screened and highly trained with a proven track record for success. We are committed to offering the absolute best skilled laborers that support drilling and exploration industry.

As a leader in the construction staffing business, CLC provides fast, easy access to skilled drilling workers for individual exploration jobs or nationwide drilling projects. Our seasoned skilled labor staff is competent in all areas of drilling and exploration including:

  • Management and implementation of all well equipment used in well construction and design.
  • Technical and operational understanding of drilling.
  • Well material and service providers comply with specified quality assurance requirements.
  • Well- and operational risk assessment reports
  • Working knowledge of reservoir, drilling and geology sufficient to allow effective interaction and support in these areas as it relates to current operations and acquisition review and evaluation

Dedicated To Filling Your Drilling & Exploration Staffing Needs

We understand your need for proven field experience, and our comprehensive screening process ensures that all drilling workers completes specialized skilled labor testing. Because of the vital role that drilling operators play in drilling and exploration expeditions, CLC extensive recruitment and screening process provides first-rate professionals highly skilled at setting up the drilling rig, moving it and dismantling it when not in use. Our drilling & exploration laborers are reliable and dedicated, and responsible for:

  • Organizing drill crew tasks
  • Running pumps and secondary equipment at drill site
  • Practicing current safety procedures and using protective equipment

In addition to the above qualifications, CLC’s drilling workers have completed advanced drilling industry technical courses and risk management courses. We take pride in our employees’ ability to work in a multi-discipline team environment where technology and individual responsibility are emphasized.

CLC can provide the construction staffing services, one man or an entire crew of skilled drilling laborers, to complete your projects on time, every time. Become more profitable with CLC today. Simply complete our skilled labor contact form and one of our construction staffing solutions representatives will be in touch shortly

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