Effective Construction Staffing Services

5 Minute Guide To Cost-Effective Construction Staffing

Effective Construction StaffingThe rise of construction projects throughout the nation is evident with the recent recovery in the economy.  This good news means you’ll be responding to more requests for proposals and working hard to offer competitive bids. However, project managers are facing common challenges with the nationwide surge in the construction market, including the increased demand for qualified skilled laborers and the rising cost of fuel and construction supplies. With your reputation on the line, how can you afford to hire the best possible tradesmen in the market and provide a competitive bid to developers? Relying on an effective construction staffing agency like Construction Labor Contractors will help lower your costs, save you time, and win you more bids.

Construction staffing agencies, like CLC, specialize in providing flexible skilled labor as a cost-effective solution to your construction project bidding wars. Whether it’s a new construction project or one that’s in the works, contractors typically face regular workload peaks that require a diverse range of skilled labor positions. And as your demand for skilled labor varies from project to project, you need a crew you can rely on at a moment’s notice. What happens when a member of your skilled labor team is injured or needs to take a leave of absence? Or your project requires more manpower and your initial crew is not large enough? That’s where a construction staffing agency can come to your rescue.

Here’s what you need to know about Construction Staffing Agencies:

  • Skilled Labor at your fingertips: Effective construction staffing agencies effortlessly place highly skilled laborers on a temporary, part-time or seasonal basis.
  • The latest recruiting and hiring standards: Construction staffing agencies conduct ongoing research in the construction industry to provide the most up-to-date recruiting and hiring processes.
  • Avoid Obamacare penalties:  Supplementing your full-time staff with skilled workers from a construction staffing agency helps you avoid penalties associated with the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare) and other government regulations.
  • Payroll and benefits: Payroll, and in some cases, benefits are provided by the agency, so you don’t have to be concerned with paperwork, insurance laws or worker’s comp issues.
  • Flexibility: Skilled labor staffing allows you the flexibility to bring in additional resources seasonally or during peak construction periods without paying for more labor than you need.
  • Stability: Keep production going without delay by adding skilled labor from a construction staffing agency so your deadlines are met on time without interruptions.
  • Cost effective: Outsourcing your skilled labor staff results in a significant cost reduction to your overall labor overhead by avoiding worker’s comp, general liability insurance and benefits.

Effective Construction StaffingIf you have construction staffing needs, a construction staffing agency can match your requirements with a qualified skilled laborer in no time. Working with a construction staffing agency like Construction Labor Contractors is easy. All of the legwork is done for you. As construction staffing specialists for over a decade, CLC recruits and retains the best skilled labor to serve your needs in 16 locations across the United States. Without changing your hiring standards, CLC jumps in and fills your request with a strong, dynamic team of skilled laborers, dedicated to their trade, to uphold and maintain your reputation for excellence.

Temporary construction staffing is cost-effective, and does not mean you have worry about poor quality work. Construction staffing agencies maintain a diversified pool of skilled laborers that is experienced and well-trained, with many hours dedicated to their trade. CLC’s skilled laborers have experience working in different locations on many different types of construction projects, keeping their skills sharp and their work ethic fresh.

When you don’t want to delay your construction plans or worry about hiring more full-time employees, trust a construction staffing agency like CLC, for a flexible solution to your skilled labor staffing needs. Employees from CLC are dedicated, trained, and highly skilled laborers, the key to building quality construction that you can be proud of. For more information about how construction staffing from CLC can help you improve your bottom line, contact a workforce solution representative today.

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