Energy-Efficient Improvements Are Helping Construction Job Growth

commercial construction workersConstruction companies are looking in to retrofitting their buildings for sustainable improvements.

As the contraction industry looks to save money, a popular option is to change the working environment. Retrofitting existing buildings can help improve energy efficiency and extend service life. Creating more sustainable buildings can also help construction companies hold off spending on new development until they have the budget.

Instead, those companies are renovating existing buildings to make them more energy-efficient and driving new growth in the construction industry as a result.

The impact of sustainable buildings

Retrofitting and reusing modular buildings is a main element of this trend. By renovating and relocating buildings construction companies are able to not only extend service life, but create jobs and participate in energy-efficient building. Many contractors are buying used or refurbished modular buildings to avoid comparatively expensive new construction.

How the buildings are being modified

Some examples of modifications to modular buildings that make them more energy efficient and extend service life include: replacing worn parts, upgrading to high R-value insulation, upgrading to high-efficiency HVAC, installing energy-efficient LED or fluorescent motion-sensor lighting, and adding dual-pane windows.

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