Experts Predict Construction Industry Growth

Industry growth means increased building, a rise in technology and a need for skilled labor

Effective Construction StaffingAs the construction industry continues to evolve and trends continue to change, industry experts are more optimistic than ever about progress and growth. Recovering from a slight dip in 2013, the construction industry is seeing some positive effects of construction stimulus packages and improvements in construction financing. At Construction Labor Contractors we pride ourselves on staying current with the change and growth in the years ahead. Here are just some of the changes we can expect to see:

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Continued Building Despite Uncertainty

The economy is currently being seen as both a risk and a great potential opportunity for the construction industry. Commercial construction has suffered as a result of the recession, as construction lending came to a halt in an attempt to decrease risks. Now, however, the low cost of capital and re-emergence of lending opportunities is causing an increase in progress and work.

Green Technology and Practices

With increased focused in renewable energy and green initiates, contractors are reporting that a large number of their jobs are going “green” and these numbers are only supposed to climb. Once considered luxuries, environmentally sustainable features are a must-have. Understanding how to work eco-friendly building materials is a must in this emerging construction industry.

Technology Integration

Technology is an important part of new construction. These evolving technology places a focus on worker safety and heavy equipment automation. Products like carbon monoxide detecting hats and equipment that can run on autopilot are helping to keep your skilled laborers safe and projects on task.

A Need for Skilled Labor

A growing construction industry means unexpected increases in workload and a need for qualified workers. Construction staffing with a reputable agency such as Construction Labor Contractors is a way to meet project demands without taking on excess full-time staff. A temporary staffing agency can help you adjust your labor size to fit your needs without racking up long term costs.

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