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Client Profile

  • Company Type: Construction
  • Area of Specialization: Government and Commercial Construction
  • Size: Midsize Company

To find skilled labor for both on-going and sudden construction projects can be difficult, especially when there is a tight deadline on the project’s completion date. Looking into potential employees and contractors can be a real hassle and take away valuable time that needs to be spent on the job site. Construction companies who try to fill their own job positions may have a hard time finding the best fit for their company and someone who possesses the necessary skills all in a timely manner.

One of our clients recently won a bid for a construction building project that had a very tight deadline. This particular project could not be completed in such a short time span without hiring additional help. The contract involved general skilled labor work including experience in remodeling. The project would consist of remodeling an old high school building into an assisted living home. Because of the tight deadline, skilled laborers would have to be able to work nights and weekends in order to complete the project.

This client had only a limited workforce that simply wouldn’t be able to complete the construction job without additional assistance. The client needed to be helped with labor staffing so that they would not have to take time off of the job or spend extra resources on potential hiring costs. The construction company turned to us at CLC for their construction staffing needs.


CLC’s expertise in the area offered the ability to find skilled labor for the client that met all of their desired criteria. The client provided us with all the information needed in order to find reliable, skilled laborers who were familiar with the type of work that was to be performed on the job.

CLC recruiters then interviewed our pool of potential employees to find those who were able to work with the strict time frame of the project. By finding a construction workforce to supplement the company’s team, our client would be able to get the project started and finished immediately without having to worry about payroll, insurance, per-diem costs or hiring on their own.


Our client was able to save a great deal of time and money in finding temporary skilled laborers for their project. Temporary workers who were needed on an as-is basis saved the company on unemployment costs for projects that would only be short-term. The client was highly satisfied in the construction staffing skills from CLC and would be comfortable working together again in the future.

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