Flexible Labor Staffing: Move to a flexible construction workforce with CLC FlexForcesm

Keep a core crew and flex the rest of your construction workforce

Sometimes more construction workers? Sometimes fewer? Join the many construction contractors enjoying a flexible construction workforce using our FlexForce labor staffing program. Let CLC’s FlexForce provide the skilled labor staffing needed to even out workflow surges and downtimes.

CLC FLexForce:

  • Eliminates the hassle of hiring and firing a construction workforce
  • Allows you plan without worrying about whether you can staff up
  • Minimizes non-productive construction labor, maximizes ROI
  • Lets flexible skilled workers keep their benefits (and joy) because they stay employed by us
  • From Construction Labor Contractors, the trusted name in leased skilled labor

Flexible Construction Staffing

Construction contractors and industrial project managers:

Learn the benefits of switching to our FlexForce labor staffing solution. Please call 330.247.1080 or 1.800.454.1896 or use this construction contractors form to learn more about our flexible labor staffing solutions.

For skilled workers and construction labor on demand, try the CLC WorkForce program and learn more about our other construction workforce solutions.

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