Flexible Labor Staffing: Move to a flexible construction workforce with CLC FlexForce

Keep a core crew and flex the rest of your construction workforce.

Flexible Construction StaffingSometimes your project requires more construction workers–sometimes less. Your need to increase or decrease your skilled labor workforce at a moment’s notice, puts delays on your project and has you dealing with all the hassles of hiring and firing. Why not join the many construction contractors who are enjoying the convenience of CLC’s FlexForce labor staffing? Our FlexForce program provides the skilled labor staffing you need to even out workflow surges up and down times, and it’s time for you to see how easy it is for yourself.

CLC’s FlexForce Works For You—Without Delay!

We focus on building the right team for you. And we work fast! Whether you are growing or downsizing – in any situation, we can help you. CLC has over a decade of flexible staffing experience and understands exactly what your current hiring needs are. We partner with you and match skilled labor professionals from all types of backgrounds and experience to your current needs. We work with you closely to build a construction team of skilled labor professionals that form the foundation of development plans. Additionally, as your project develops, we are ready to handle your future skilled labor requests.

Check Out These FlexForce Extras

CLC’s FlexForce provides a number of cost-savings solutions and benefits for construction contractors like no other construction staffing agency in the industry including:

  1. Management and handling of all workers comp premiums and claims.
  2. Eliminate the hassle of hiring and laying-off a construction workforce.
  3. Our FlexForce solution allows you to sidestep Obamacare requirements for full-time employee benefits. We provide benefits to our tradesmen so you don’t have to.
  4. Plan future projects and developments without worrying about whether you can staff up.
  5. Minimize non-productive construction labor, maximize return-on-investment (ROI).
  6. Reduce your unemployment insurance concerns—CLC is self-insured and manages and pays claims.
  7. Benefits are provided to all flexible skilled labor CLC employees.

CLC’s FlexForce Is Standing By

With dedicated construction employment offices throughout 16 locations in the U.S., you will never be without a team of skilled labor professionals. Our vast pool of thousands of skilled workers to choose from means your project won’t be delayed one minute because you are without a skilled laborer. CLC’s FlexForce is standing by, ready to work. We can send one, two, or an entire team of skilled workers to your site.

Attention construction contractors and industrial project managers:

One of our construction FlexForce staffing solutions will work for you – talk with us to decide which construction labor staffing option will work best in your construction project. Learn the benefits of switching to our FlexForce labor staffing solution. Please call 330.247.1080 or 1.800.454.1896 or use this construction contractors form to learn more about our flexible labor staffing solutions.

Attention Tradesmen:

Are you looking for flexible work that fits your schedule? CLC’s FlexForce is always looking for qualified skilled workers to place on our team. You will love the flexibility, employee benefits, and safe work environments CLC places you in, as well as the many opportunities to grow and renew your training. Start your application as a skilled craftsman today!

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