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There’s a reason Construction Labor Contractors is the leading source of construction staffing in the industry: commitment to excellence. When you trust CLC for your labor staffing needs, you can sit back and relax knowing that all of your skilled labor demands are fulfilled with the highest quality professionals in the business. CLC’s forklift operators are guaranteed to be the safest and most organized machinists in the business, maintaining our promise of service excellence.

Safety First!

Because of the danger involved, CLC ensures that all forklift operators are educated and authorized to operate heavy equipment and machinery in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration federal regulations. Construction projects needing heavy forklift operators are usually busy, chaotic and dangerous. As part of CLC’s screening process, operators are evaluated and tested, and trained to inspect forklift machinery before operating.

Upholding the highest safety standards is our number one priority, and CLC forklift operators practice safety procedures in all aspects of their job. From the very basic precautions like wearing safety belts and clearing obstructions from entry and exit points, to ensuring that machinery and equipment used receives proper maintenance, CLC forklift operators are the most prepared and conscientious skilled workers you will ever find.

Above and Beyond–Nationwide

Our dedicated team of staffing professionals and skilled laborers cares about your needs first. With 16 labor staffing agencies across the United States, CLC makes it easy for you to conduct your work nationally.

  • It may be difficult for you to find local, quality skilled laborers, CLC’s temporary staffing offers the best solution, and we’ll go above and beyond what you expect in a staffing agency.
  • We can quickly respond to your sudden staff-up or staff-down needs no matter where your job is located.
  • CLC’s existing forklift operator database is constantly updated, ensuring that all operators are recently trained and ready to work for you.
  • Just give us a call whenever and wherever you need a forklift operator. We completely assess your labor needs and focus on placing the most qualified skilled worker, familiar with the area, immediately.
  • What’s really nice is that you will only have to work with one of CLC’s staffing consultants to fill all of your skilled labor needs, no matter what part of the country your project is.

Minimize cost—maximize time:  We take great pride in serving your construction staffing needs with our flexible skilled labor. Minimize the cost and time of hiring a forklift operator for your construction site, and rely on CLC today. Fill out our skilled labor services form to get started.

Are you a forklift operator? CLC is always looking for qualified, specially trained forklift operators. If you would like to become part of a dedicated team of skilled professionals with guaranteed work, competitive wages and full benefits, then apply with CLC today. Construction jobs contract forms can be found here.

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