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Labor Ready Day LaborersWhen you’re in need of general labor and skilled trades workers, Construction Labor Contractors has you covered. From repairing machines and mechanical equipment to working on plumbing, and electrical systems, CLC’s flexible day laborers are the answer to your immediate construction staffing needs. Our flexible skilled labor staff compliments your construction workforce and gives you peace of mind when you find your construction project understaffed or in need of additional skilled workers.

CLC’s team of professionals is ready to work with you and your general labor and skilled trades maintenance and repair tasks including:

  • Drywall repairs
  • Windows, doors, roofs and flooring repairs
  • Equipment and machinery maintenance
  • Operate hand and power tools to fix, replace or repair equipment

General labor workers from CLC are totally prepared to handle the physical demands of your construction project. They are accustomed to a lot of walking, climbing and reaching, as well as working in uncomfortable and cramped positions. Ongoing training and safety education is handled by CLC so you can be absolutely positive that your skilled labor team delivers the high quality work you expect to reach your construction goals.

No More Waiting

CLC is the solution you’ve been waiting for when you are faced with finding general skilled labor at a moment’s notice. Our ten plus year’s experience in staffing construction projects across the United States makes us undoubtedly the nation’s leading construction staffing agency, filling your skilled labor requests faster than you ever imagined. CLC’s general maintenance and repair workers are called upon to complete many different tasks in a single day, at any one of our 16 locations. Whether they are working on a construction project in a single building, like a hotel or school, or responsible for an entire college campus, CLC’s skilled labor staff meets and exceeds performance standards.

You Name It, We’ve Got It

When you partner with CLC, we create a customized general labor workforce that is highly skilled and attentive to your exact requirements. We are always able to provide you with the type of skilled labor you need from our vast database and referral network, including maintenance workers, warehouse workers and assembly line workers. And our consistency is what our clients love most. We are able to fill a multitude of skilled trades to build or add to your team of professionals, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you need one, two or an entire workforce sent to your site, CLC’s flexibility never lets you down.

Not only will you get the best skilled labor in the industry, but CLC provides human resource management, ongoing recruitment, payroll and benefits. We are also self-insured and handle all worker’s comp claims and issues. Think about all the extra time you’ll have when you partner with CLC for all your skilled labor staffing needs.

No matter how big or how small your construction project is, we can help you staff your general labor and skilled trades needs. Are you in need of construction workers? Fill out our skilled labor contact form today and one of our representatives will respond shortly.

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