General Labor Staffing: Boost Your Bottom Line

General Labor Staffing

Learn how to increase your profits

Cost containment is a priority for all construction contractors. One way to save money and boost your bottom line is to consider outsourcing your skilled labor staffing needs. Think about how long it takes to put a team of skilled laborers together – interviews, background checks, skills and drug testing, workers compensation paperwork, etc. You can avoid all of the hassle by simply partnering with a general labor staffing agency such as Construction Labor Contractors. The professionals at CLC know exactly what you need and are experts at hiring, recruiting and handling all of your construction staffing demands.

5 Ways To Help Boost Your Bottom Line With General Labor Staffing:

  1. More time building, less time hiring. Time is money! Working with a labor staffing agency frees up all the time it takes to hire skilled and general labor. With our large selection of skilled laborers to choose from, you won’t have to conduct a single interview or background check to staff your project. By taking advantage of the agency’s expertise in hiring, contractors avoid all of the hassles involved with the hiring process. Most general labor staffing agencies offer a labor guarantee. This ensures you receive the most qualified laborers in the industry the moment you call. You’ll discover that the big burden of hiring a new employee or team has been lifted off your shoulders, and that you’ll have more freedom and flexibility to focus on what you do best: build.
  2. Avoid WLabor Staffing Servicesorker’s Comp Hassles. In addition to keeping your labor staffing costs low, agencies help with reducing your workers compensation claims. The best general labor staffing agencies ensure that all of its employees are trained and highly skilled, and  practicing work safety procedures that are designed to reduce injuries on the job. Eliminate the headaches associated with worker’s comp claims by acquiring staffing services from a labor staffing agency.
  3. Payroll and Benefits Processing. Payroll processing involves more than just recording hours and printing paychecks. Comprehensive labor staffing solutions handle all the payroll and benefits processing including taxes and W-2 filings, keeping track of vacation and sick time, and monitoring the changes of the tax laws. Outsourced payroll and benefits processing will lower your administrative costs. As a bonus, you will have one less headache to worry about with all of the paperwork and time involved with the payroll process.
  4. Reduce unemployment insurance costs. Long durations without employment increase your unemployment insurance benefits. As a result, getting the unemployed back to work sooner is important to keep your costs down. Temporary and general labor staffing agencies help put the unemployed back to work faster with jobs matched specifically to their skill level. Construction managers who want to reduce unemployment insurance taxes should refer out-of-work skilled laborers to construction staffing agencies for placement back into the workforce. Helping the unemployed find work sooner saves you significant money in unemployment insurance benefits.
  5. Eliminate overhead costs. Precious time and money is saved when you rely on a general labor staffing agency. The best agencies rely on a rigorous screening process and extensive employee background checks to guarantee you will receive skilled tradesmen who possess the very best skills and expertise you require. You minimize overhead costs by getting a skilled workforce on a temporary basis in place of paying your full-time employees overtime, reducing labors costs by about 20%.

Receive extraordinary value with Construction Labor Contractors

You will have more time on your hands once you begin working with a general labor staffing agency. CLC is the solution to all of your labor staffing needs. Used by top construction contractors throughout the United States, CLC brings tremendous value to your construction project goals.

  • CLC partners with you right from the beginning of your project to determine your exact needs.
  • Our human resources staff understands your construction goals and budget constraints.
  • We analyze your resources and add skilled labor to your team as needed to keep your staffing costs low.
  • Expect great results as we work with you every step of the way to make sure your labor staffing needs are met with the highest quality craftsmanship.

While you’re busy scheduling your construction project plans, buying supplies and meeting deadlines, strengthen your construction team with skilled laborers provided by a temporary construction staffing agency. Contact CLC today and complete your construction projects with confidence, within budget and in less time.

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