Hiring Process for Skilled Craftsmen

How To Apply At Our Labor Staffing Agency

temporary labor staffingThe mission of Construction Labor Contractors is to match hard-working craftsmen with contractors and project managers looking for your skill set. For those interested in becoming part of CLC’s talented workforce, our staffing team strives to assign your first project just days after your application is pre-qualified.

Here is what our streamlined hiring process looks like:


The first step of the hiring process is filling out our quick job contact form. Having basic information about you helps us better evaluate your skills, interests and experience against our hiring criteria and match you with the right project. After a recruiter reviews your application, we will schedule an interview. We typically call qualified candidates within one hour from when they fill out their application.


During the interview, you have the opportunity to expand on your interests, experience, career goals and work preferences. If you are hired, we use this information to continuously match you to the right contractors and projects.

Background Check and References

After a successful interview, we will reach out to your references to verify dates of employment and work performance. We also conduct standard background checks and drug tests.


As the background checks are processing, you will need to complete employee paperwork, including state and federal tax forms, as well as the I-9 form. Note that when completing the I-9, you are required to supply identification per the list of acceptable documentation to verify identity and work authorization.

Steady Work

Once the hiring process is complete, you will be assigned to your first project. Thanks to our extensive database of contractors and project managers, you will always have consistent, reliable work. And if you need to relocate, we can notify your new CLC branch office about your arrival. Whether you are a skilled plumber, carpenter, machine operator, millwright, HVAC technician, electrician or another type of skilled laborer, we’re here to ensure you have steady work and competitive benefits.

Interested in learning more? Complete our skilled craftsmen jobs form and start the application process today.


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