How Do Temporary Labor Staffing Firms Save Companies Money

From eliminating human resources needs to making smart hires, labor staffing saves money


labor staffingThe construction industry continues to grow, and this means a growing demand for a skilled labor in the construction workforce. More than ever construction companies are searching for candidates with the skills they need to complete the jobs they have on their plate.

When it comes to running a successful construction company, company owners and managers must make smart decisions with employees. Personnel costs can be one of the biggest expenses for companies today. One way to greatly reduce costs associated with personnel and protect your bottom line, is to work with a temporary labor staffing firm.

There are a number of different ways that labor staffing firms can save construction companies money, from cutting back on overhead to eliminating employee overtime wages. Construction staffing agencies like Construction Labor Contractors offer pre-qualified workers that serve a wide range of industries. Following are just a few of the ways CLC can help you save money.


We fill open positions quickly

Staffing firms know exactly where to look to get top-quality candidates ─ fast! These professionals maintain talent pools of people looking for jobs just like yours, so when one becomes available, they’re ready to fill it. Whether you’re paying employees overtime to put in extra hours or simply letting the work pile up, the longer you take to make a hiring decision, the more it costs your company.

We offer flexible staffing plans
If your business is seasonal or fluctuates during different times of year, you may need to take on additional labor for the busy periods. But hiring full-time employees could prove costly and inefficient during slow production times. Partnering with a staffing agency will allow you to change your fixed labor cost to variable labor costs. CLC offers a variety of staffing options from our CLC FlexForce to our CLC WorkForce. These variable staffing strategies can keep you from absorbing staffing costs during down times.

We help eliminate hiring mistakes
Reputable labor staffing firms like CLC have the ability to find the best candidates, and the best fit for your company. Over the years, we’ve built a workforce of skilled tradesmen, and have successfully placed thousands of laborers on worksites across the country. Reduce the costly risk of a bad hire by partnering with a staffing firm who will handle the testing, interviewing and reference checking to provide a candidates that possess the skills you need and the experience you want! You can also rest easy knowing that their unemployment claims won’t affect your ratings.

Working with a temporary labor staffing firm like CLC saves you money and provides you with trained workers you need to get projects done safely and on time. If you’re need a great way to meet production goals, have quality staffing and save money, a staffing firm is the solution for you.

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