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Construction Staffing & Skilled WorkersWhen you own a business, especially in the construction industry, you know that finding and training the right employees is not only a challenging process, but a costly one too. Working with a construction labor staffing agency like CLC can save you money and provide you with the trained workers you need to get your jobs done. Below are the top four reasons why looking into a construction staffing agency will save you money:

1. You’ll save on human resources.
When you utilize a staffing company they act as your human resources department. So the time, resources and cost associated with things such as finding qualified construction workers, dealing with any disciplinary actions, terminating employees, screening, testing and more. This reduces the amount of office space you need for permanent workers, and helps you avoid costs you’ll incur by having more personnel than you actually need.

2. You’ll improve your training efficiency.
The process of training a new employee takes time and resources. But in the construction industry, you can’t afford to have under trained or under qualified workers. With a temporary staffing agency like CLC, you can take that worry off your mind. We’ll improve your training efficiency by reducing the time existing employees have to spend training new employees and the costs associated with that process. Our carefully vetted construction workers are ready to work when they arrive on your site.

3. You’ll see overtime reduction.
Mandatory overtime payments are a heavy cost, but one you can minimize by using a temporary staffing agency. With our help you can reduce the number of hours your employees have to work and still meet your production goals.

4. You’ll benefit from flexible staffing.
We understand that your work can fluctuate from season to season. Hiring full time staff to help meet your production needs when your work is piling up can lead to more cost than it’s worth. Working with a temporary staffing agency will allow you to adjust your labor size to fit your needs without racking up long term costs.

Utilizing a temporary labor staffing agency like CLC means you’ll be provided with the skilled tradesmen you want while staying within your budgetary needs. If you’re looking for a great way to stay ahead of game, meet production goals, have quality staffing and save money, a staffing agency is the solution for you.

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