How Technology Factors In To The Future Of Construction

Building materials and changes in the design process are on the horizon

future of construction Architects and designers are using current advances in technology to change the future of construction development. Not only does this mean more efficient construction, but it will also mean rejuvenating living spaces and office spaces being built in major cities. From building construction to the design process, the experts at Construction Labor Contractors explains the exciting advancements that will factor in to the future of construction.

Building construction

What if the construction workers of the future are robots? A team at The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have designed termite-inspired robots that are already capable of performing basic construction tasks. Without having pre-determined roles, these robots can build basic structures and complete tasks without supervision. These robots would be a great advancement for construction projects where some of the work might be too risky for humans.

Building materials

Concrete cracks and maintenance can get expensive. However, scientists are developing self-healing concrete that could be available within the next few years. Other technology advancements improving the future of construction involve efforts to build greener, more sustainable materials to build with. Plant materials such as hemp, kelp, and bamboo could be used in turbine blades, insulation, and furniture. These products could provide high resistance to heat, and can even improve the quality of living, thanks to its better insulating properties and higher thermal resistance.

Design processes

Though it may be easier to stick to familiar construction methods, the industry is changing and the new, innovative greener techniques can be highly beneficial to the quality of the urban environment and the building process. Taking extra steps to minimize solar heat, adding solar panels, green rooftops and ensuring the ability to take advantage of the natural daylight coming from the sun are just a few considerations that should shape the future of construction design.

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