ACA’s impact on construction in the healthcare industryThe ACA’s Impact On Healthcare Construction

Construction demands for healthcare facilities may require additional staffing.

There’s no doubt that increased healthcare services will be required in the near future for our aging population. Though the economy continues to show improvement, it remains to be seen if the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will help or hurt healthcare-specific building projects. Construction Labor Contractors has some insight on what this could mean for your business.

Anticipating the market

If the ACA’s estimated millions of uninsured individuals are eventually able to acquire health insurance, the country’s current medical facility infrastructure will need a quick boost. Expansions to existing buildings or new satellite locations will be the obvious first choices when adding room for healthcare, meaning plenty of construction opportunity.

What demands look like in the healthcare construction

If the medical and health care industry has to modify current and construct more health care facilities in order to accommodate the demand for health care services, construction companies will need to prepare to take on larger projects. These companies will have to be up to speed on the construction of health care facilities, and their local guidelines regarding codes and regulations. This could involve increasing staffing on a temporary basis with workers who are well-versed in healthcare construction.

Staffing expectations for future healthcare projects

Undoubtedly, construction companies stand to benefit from the Affordable Care Act’s impact on health care and related facilities. In order to meet such demands head-on, the construction industry will need to get prepared for what it will take to obtain and complete these anticipated projects. Construction companies will need additional skilled laborers who can step in and assist with such projects.
Construction companies can count on Construction Labor to support them during such transitional times as these. Construction Labor can supply construction companies with the type of skilled labor staff necessary on a temporary basis. By working with Construction Labor, a construction project manager or HR manager can see his or her projects through to completion without incurring some major employee related costs along the way.

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